/ / please tell me! Which dog is better for sheltie or collie?

please tell me! Which dog is better for sheltie or collie?

Answer # 1:

Collie is an intelligent, faithful friend of the family. A family for a collie is a herd of sheep that must be loved and guarded. Very affectionate and smart. If the family has deli, then the collie is the best nanny. It is well tolerated by cold and heat. A reliable guard. Shepherd's breed. The peculiarity of care as for any long-haired dog is simple to sit every day watching TV and combing out the dog. Shelt-like and most small rocks can be osresivny to strangers. A brisk fast dog that needs a lot of space. Decorative breed. Very playful. Shelt though looks like a collie externally but this is a completely different breed in behavior similar to pinschers and spitz. These are 2 different breeds as if they were not alike. If you want a semblance of a Spitz and a seemingly similar dog on a collie, then Sheltie is for you. If you need a watchman and a nanny then call a collie. Well, in any case, I would choose a collie of a dog smarter than I did not see.

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Answer # 4:

They are equally suitable, because both are the ancestors of shepherd breeds and are equally active, except that the collie is not much more active. And who to take this really choose who you are simotichney in size.

Answer # 5:

Sheltie and Collie are almost the same. Only shelty less.

Answer No. 6:

Sheltie, I think they like me more, and the Spitzes on them are somewhat similar)

Answer No. 7:

The collies are calmer and adapt to the host's temperament, so the collie is very loyal and will not leave the house (like the Husky for example)
If you prefer to watch TVLying on the sofa, then the dog will be your company and if you want to spend more time on the street playing ball then the collie and then you are a great companion. Collies are vulnerable and if you show aggression towards the dog then the dog may be disappointed in itself and fall into a dog's depression.
Sheltie Little Energizers That Need A LotPlace and lots of attention, if you are a sporty person then this is the doggie for you. From both breeds are very vulnerable and if you think that from a collie and sheltie a lot of wool you are mistaken and yes they have wool, but if you comb it out carefully, then there will not be wool in the house at all. Due to the fact that the hair is long, fallen off hairs stuck in thick wool and do not fall out a moment (unlike a smooth-haired dog, from a smooth-haired dog there is a lot of wool and therefore I prefer long-haired breeds) and then you just comb it out.
The choice is yours, but from my own experience for myself decided that the collie is much

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