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Bobtail dog: a description of the breed, nature, price, photo

Bobtail dog: description of the breed

Bobtail - a large and hardy dog, in the past an excellent shepherd, able to resist wolves and not terrible for sheep.

Now this breed is practically not used on pastures, but it has preserved a shepherd's instinct. In England, the ancestors of these dogs a few thousand years ago came from the continent.

In Great Britain they were crossed with a huge South Russian sheepdog, a born shepherd and a wolfhound.

Today, Bobtails are very widely used in the circus, as guides and "healers" for communicating with mentally retarded children.

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Bobtail standard: basic characteristics

Bobtail dog: description of the breed

Bobtail - muscular, strong, large (more than 61Cm at the withers), proportionally folded dog, square format. Noticeable is a small high-altitude - the height in the lower back is slightly higher than at the withers. Paws are not long, straight, with a strong bone.

Its name was given to the bobtail for a tail of an unusual shape with a thickening at the end. Sometimes puppies are born with a simple tail, then it is stopped, leaving only five centimeters.

The head is large, with a wide skull. Very highly developed superciliary arches. Muzzle wide and rather long, dull. Jaws are square in shape. Thick lips and large black nose. The ears of the bobtail are hanging, of medium size, snug against the head.

Eyes of an oval incision, of medium size, widely planted with a noticeably intelligent expression. It's better if they are as dark as possible.

The dog's trunk, legs, head and especially the hips are covered with a wavy, thick, lush, fairly coarse wool with a good undercoat that can perfectly protect the dog from the cold.

Color can be a variety of patterns inExquisite white, gray-blue and bluish-marble tones. Blue and gray-haired dogs often have blue or pearly eyes. The hue of brown or brown is a disqualifying fault.

The character of the bobtail

This lout is very smart and good-natured,Judicious and calm. He loves and seeks to patronize children, never participates in fights, easily gets along with different animals. It is a faithful, balanced and tolerant being.

He perfectly suits upbringing and training. But he needs only a benevolent and just attitude. At physical influence the dog will be obstinate and will not obey.

For a Bobtail, the owner should be only the leader of the "pack" and the undisputed leader.

Education should be dealt with from the first minutes of the appearance of a puppy in the house. Training must be consistent. If there is no experience of dog training, it is better to turn to an experienced cynologist.

Maintenance and care

Taking care of a bobtail is not difficult, despite its abundant hair. Fortunately, his hair almost does not shed.

Bobtail dog: description of the breed

But it needs to be combed regularly, so thatFormed collars. A puppy must be taught from scratch to combing, so that this procedure does not become a daily torment. To comb it is necessary a massage brush and a comb with long not frequent teeth. And from the combed wool of a bobtail it is possible to knit warm scarves, socks and mittens.

On the head of a bobtail, wool is combed forward to close your eyes. White sections of wool for the exhibition are chalked.

Care is required for the eyes and ears of the bobtail. They should be regularly inspected and wiped carefully to avoid inflammation. As necessary, the dog needs to trim the claws, and also remove the excess wool from the ears and on the pads of the paws.

A dog can not often bathe, so that the luxurious wool of a bobtail does not get dirty in slushy weather, it should be worn in a bolognese overall.

Despite not their solid dimensions, the BobtailCan live in an apartment or a house. Although it should have its own place, quite spacious and comfortable. And still, it is better to keep such a dog on a suburban site, where he will become an excellent watchman.

Price of a Bobtail puppy

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Puppy of a bobtail on the average costs From 800 to 1200 dollars.

Photo of a Babteil

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