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Which breed is the most intelligent?

Answer # 1:

Wolves are also dogs, only very smart. Scientists have conducted research and found that dogs with similar muzzles (elongated or pointed) more pristozhdayut mind the rest of the breed. These include sheep dogs, huskies, etc. I can not say anything about divers and St. Bernards, most likely they are just very devoted.

Answer # 2:

The ones that we usually call the BITCH.

Answer # 3:

Dogs are all smart, even mongrel.

Answer # 4:

.. whatever, with proper upbringing. . Although I like the Dobermans very much .. I'll manage one myself, perhaps .. and the nickname is Batman ..

Answer # 5:

Yes it does not depend on the breed, but on education

Answer No. 6:

Sheepdog and diver.

Answer No. 7:

Long recognized fact - mongrels

Answer No. 8:

For me, so American cocker spaniel, smart, understands everything and very beautiful.

Answer No. 9:

It is believed that there are three breeds of dogs differingIncreased intelligence, Hungarian Shepherd, St. Bernards, divers, they are therefore very poorly suited to training because they have increased self-awareness

Answer No. 10:

Courtyard courtyard

Answer No. 11:

Smart nobles, no!

Answer No. 12:

In my opinion, sheep dogs (I love them very much), and mongrels, which the street brings up)))))) Although I can not right ...

Answer # 13:

The tavern.

Answer # 14:

Spaniel sheepdog poodles

Answer No. 15:

According to different data, different breeds, but always at the beginning of the list - Bigles, Spitz, Poodles and German Shepherds.

Answer # 16:

Any dog, regardless of breed, is intelligent, if properly educated!

Answer # 17:

Usually, according to various statistics and ratings, active shepherds are leading (border collies, Australian sheep-dogs, kelpies ...), somewhere on the level with them, the Belgian sheepdogs ...
And in fact, it is important to choose the right dog, according to the functions it will perform for you.

Answer # 18:

To answer this question one mustCompetent, experienced dog breeder to keep at least two dogs of each breed (and there are more than 400 of them), for the purity of the experiment it is better if these dog breeders will have 3-4 people. And all the answers where the specific breed-subjects are named.

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