/ What month is the puppy trained? With which teams to start? Puppy 3 months

From what month is it worthwhile to train a puppy? With which teams to start? Puppy 3 months

Answer # 1:

. Such commands as "sit" "lie down" "stand"It is better to teach immediately as soon as the puppy gets stronger. Be sure to encourage delicacies, be affectionate, in any case not raise the tone, do not freak out if you do not immediately understand. Patience and kindness are the key to the success of your dog. Remember that dogs very well adopt the nature of the master. Therefore, do not offend even a stupid puppy in fact. Do not overwork it, do not more than half an hour a day with interruptions.
If you already drive outside, in the form of a gameTeach him commands: "bring", "to me" and so on. First, treat them with delicacies, well, there it goes. And do not mix teams, the puppy will simply be confused. Start with something one and secure, and then proceed to the next.

Answer # 2:

Although with two but in the form of the game and not very tired the puppy. 15 minutes per day. Must be encouragement in the form of goodies and good words.
At 3 months you can already train longer, for 30 minutes. And there already see how the dog behaves, if not tired you can increase the time of training.

My 4-hour training was 1.5-2 hours.

Answer # 3:

Train or educate? I just differentiate these concepts. Educate - since the appearance of the puppy in your house. Dressura implies certain skills and a certain maturity of the dog (depending on the breed).

Answer # 4:

Agrees with inna ... first it is necessary to bring up ...
We begin to educate from the first day of the appearance in the house ... and the training begins when the puppy develops physically and mentally ...

Answer # 5:

Here's to you an excellent article on the education of a puppy: http://www.moidober.narod.ru/8k.html
As for training, then already in 3 months we learned to "sit", "to me" ,. "a place". And at 4 months have already gone to classes with an instructor.

Answer No. 6:

Teach from 3 months and on a little, basicCommands, it's "sitting", "lying", "give a paw", after you learn it to these teams finally, he will perform these commands without additional food, then start teaching him to other teams, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the puppy will have stress, And this threatens to worsen the state.

Answer No. 7:

Since 4 months you can already go to the site. Parenting from the moment of appearance in the house. You can still start the simplest teams in a game form.

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