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Why keep the dog on the chain?

Answer # 1:

To not run away and do not bite someone.

Answer # 2:

And because people are not ready to be responsible for the animal.

Answer # 3:

To be angrier was

Answer # 4:

Indeed, this should not be done. It is better to build a spacious aviary and be sure to walk with the dog twice a day, removing from the yard. Otherwise, the dog will suffer mentality.

Answer # 5:

I myself do not understand this, mockery

Answer No. 6:

If in the city, then there are a lot of reasons. More details of the question ..

Answer No. 7:

At us one granny kept on a chain of a dog whom itself was afraid - the elephant metis of the sheep-dog and the rottweiler huge as an elephant. Then, fortunately, she gave it to the forester.

Answer No. 8:

If a dog is fired for protection. She runs around the perimeter of the site on a chain, will not let anybody pass. Is it worthwhile to have a guard dog if she is in an enclosure? In the enclosure you can keep the Laika.

Answer No. 9:

And it makes no sense.
The psyche of the animal from this spoils, withHealth, too, problems begin. The dog begins to guard not the yard, the house and the owners, but only their bowl. Barking more out of fear: he understands that he is tied, that her maneuvers are limited. Thieves, in the case of what is also not blind, and understand that the dog is tied. But the hosts then the problems begin: "The dog broke off the chain and bitten his wife and child!", "The dog was ill, but it is not given, we can not take it to the veterinarian!". Well, everything is correct: the dog did not see anything, was not socialized, only the food received from the owners, and not communication and training.
To keep in the yard for a long time invented aviaries. Do you want to - let out of the enclosure barks: what's the difference, than the dog is limited, grid or chain. If you want - release: let the perimeter guard, and if necessary in the enclosure sits. Aviary dog ​​and move it gives (not constantly hanging around the neck chain), and weather protection (insulated aviary and booth in it the dog and from the sun and the wind protect).
And the necessity of walking does not cancel anything. Although the dog in the apartment, at least in the house, at least in the yard, and walk with it is necessary. And it is necessary to train. And chat. Unless, of course, you do not want to. That the dog was uncontrollable. Because the evil dog is somewhere on the chain - it's always dangerous: it's like holding a bear or a wolf. The risk that the dog will come out of the collar or the chain will break is always there, and if the owner for the dog is only the one who brings food, and sometimes even the kick, it will be a disaster.

Answer No. 10:

Well, some people do not even know why the dog started at all

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