/ Is it true that dogs can be jealous? How is this manifested?

Is it true that dogs can be jealous? How is this manifested?

Answer # 1:

Oh yeah !!!I have a friend's dog so here is a boy I do not know why but he loves me as well as the owners! It turns out that it's like a balcony, and I'm there a healthy black dog, too, the boy's stroking (he was so fluffy, it's a sin not to pat). And what was there you can not imagine: jumping, growling, howling - HORROR !!

Answer # 2:

Can be jealous, and then everything depends on the degree of education of your dog, can be offended and go away and can and growl or bite the one to whom you pay attention

Answer # 3:

I believe that this is not so much jealousy as the problem of upbringing.
The master must be the leader, and his opinion is the law. A man's family for a dog is a flock where there are major and minor members.

Dog of any breed in the first place - a dog, and then a breed. And special differences in behavior that the staffordshire, that yorks do not.

People like to shift their thoughts and emotions to people.

But "jealous" the dog does not think that "oh, she ironAnother dog means that he loves me less. "Rather, in the head of such dogs," what the fuck is going on! " My property should not communicate with all sorts of dogs! Hey, man, get away from her! And you, flea monster! Quickly knocked over! ".

I hope, clearly explained.

The less control a person has over a dog, the stronger the negative reaction in a dog.

Answer # 4:

This is the instinct of rivalry. It's the same with cats.

Answer # 5:

I know how it manifests itself. For example, you gallant someone else's dog then the dog begins to get up in its place, pushing the kusayt can even pounce

Answer No. 6:

Jealous, it does not depend on the breed, but on the characterDogs, my people are jealous of other people's dogs to me, if I have stroked someone, then in the near future this dog will be tearing my pessomord. Still jealous of the husband to me, always trying to climb between him and me, so that he was as far as possible

Answer No. 7:

I had a dog for 3 years, we took him a friend,Only he is younger, so he threw himself at the little one all the time, did not let him come to me, well, and then when the baby was a vodros, everything respected him exactly and did not give support !!!

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