/ How to disaccustom a puppy to bite?

How to wean a puppy to bite?

Answer # 1:

It's wrong somehow-to wean biting. It's a dog, just a small one. Of course, you need to stop. If you have a mutual understanding with the puppy, pts. Soon he will understand what to do to hurt a friend is not good ..) I had to "oikat" until the baby grew up ..))

Answer # 2:

Up to four months of age puppies are still weakThe muscles of the jaws and they use their teeth to play. During this period, puppies learn to regulate the power of the bite, communicate with relatives, crack and tear the prey. In addition, with the help of biting, hierarchical relationships within the pack are established. If the puppy bites his fellow tribesman too much, then in response he hears a squeal and realizes that he bit it. The next time he bites less or does not bite at all.

When a puppy is torn from other dogs, he already hasThere is a certain life experience, as well as a habit of biting during communication or playing. Therefore, when the puppy wants to play with the owner, he begins to slowly bite him. If, in response, he is repelled, he perceives such behavior as a continuation of the fascinating game and begins to bite harder. If the host encourages his behavior and starts playing with him, then the puppy likes it and, as a consequence, he starts to bite more painfully. If the problem is not corrected in time, then in the future innocent biting can go into aggression, when the puppy starts to growl and bite with anger. Such behavior, although rare, is encountered, so this problem must be solved as soon as possible and more resolutely.

Avoid any games in which the puppy tries youbite. If he bites you during intercourse, do not scold him and do not beat him, but react to the bite as well as another puppy would do, that is, unpleasantly and loudly scream. After that, get up and move away from the animal, showing that, because of the behavior of the puppy, the game has stopped. After a while, you will see that your pet has become bitten less often and weaker. If this exercise is used every day, then in time you can completely disaccustom the dog to bite.

Answer # 3:

First, teach the child to play toys, and secondly, teach the team "fu".

Answer # 4:

NO !!! Puppy wakes up, wake up and teeth))) buy all sorts of bones of treats and constantly podsovyvayte. I have him 4 months old second nickname Gryzlik!

Answer # 5:

All puppies bite. Is this a discovery for you? Until your teeth change, it will bite. Distract to toys, do not allow to bite your hands and feet, let's chew on raw beef knots ... Grow up, go to work on the site. At about 6 months.

Answer No. 6:

So do not have to show the fist. And play with the puppy, a lot. A lot to communicate with her. To be engaged in upbringing and initial training

Answer No. 7:

Fist, why are you showing up in the boxing ring?

Puppy is small yet. It is necessary to educate and teach everything as a human infant. Read the special literature, see the training video. Here there are very sensible recommendations, for example:


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