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Feeding puppies jack russell terrier, diet adult jack rasslala

Jack scattered a terrier - a hunting dog, although now it is increasingly being purchased for room keeping. But in order for her to be mobile and cheerful, she needs proper nutrition.

Feeding puppy jack russel terrier

Firstly, the puppy should be fed the same way as theBreeder. Club puppies are more often fed dry food for puppies, in which the nutritional elements are already properly balanced. If the puppy was on natural food, then you will have to independently observe the ratio of products of vegetable and animal origin in the diet.

How to feed the puppy Jack Russell Terrier correctly? What to give the pet? 75% must be animal productsOrigin - meat and milk. And only a quarter of the diet should be vegetable, which includes porridge, vegetables and fruits. Puppy in any case can not be overfed, even if he has a very good appetite, He will grow too fast, get heavy and this will lead to problems, with paws and bone development.

For the puppy jack russel terrier the main thing is not the quantity, but the quality of the feed. Norm of feeding per day with natural food up toYear can be calculated on the basis of 10% of the puppy's weight. Up to four months the puppy is fed six times a day. Each meal should be different from the previous one, for example:

  • Milk porridge,
  • Meat (best of all - beef) with porridge,
  • cottage cheese,
  • vegetable salad,
  • fruit,
  • Soup or scrambled eggs.

Every day the puppy needs to give raw meat withPorridge, vegetables and any dairy products. Twice a week (up to 3 months - one) give yolk boiled eggs, fish and boiled by-products (heart, lung, udder, stomach). The consistency of dishes for a small puppy should be like liquid sour cream, gradually hardening to a five-month age.

From this point on the puppy it is useful to gnaw enough solid foods to change the milk teeth in time. By the half-year, it is necessary to transfer the puppy to three meals a day, and 9 months - to a two-time.

Feeding the adult jack russel terrier

Daily rate of feeding for an adult dogShould be 3-5% of its weight. This calculation is correct if the dog is kept as a pet and its only active load - paddock and games during a walk. If the jack russell terrier is used for its original purpose - for hunting, then during active training and especially work, the dog needs to be fed more.

An adult dog needs less meat than a puppy andProportion varies. Sufficient 50-60% of meat products and 40-50% of vegetable products. From milk products it is enough to leave only milk, and low-fat sour cream can sometimes fill salads.

Feeding with dry food

The most convenient option for feeding Jack RussellTerrier is a dry food that contains all the necessary vitamins and ingredients. You can not change food often. This is permissible only in cases of occurrence of an allergy or indigestion in the dog due to a specific food.

When changing the feed, you must first buy a smallPack and gently give the dog, carefully watching the reaction of the body. The volume of feed should depend on the age of the pet. It should be carefully monitored according to the tables drawn on the packs with food.

To buy jack ressel terrier forage by weight is unacceptable. Dogs that work in hunting are better off choosing food for active dogs with a higher proportion of protein.

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