/ / What is the best Alabai dog? Or a dog Newfoundler

What is the best Alabai dog Or a dog Newfoundler

Answer # 1:

What you like is the one that will be best for you.
P.S. We have a Doberman in the family, he is the best for us

Answer # 2:

There is no such thing as "what is better". Is it better to die in a vat with hot metal or be torn by a bear? Correct, both options are crappy. So it will be with your dogs.

Answer # 3:

And without a difference

Answer # 4:

Looking for what. I have never seen Newf in ZKS or Alabai on CERs, for example.

Answer # 5:

We had a Newfoundland, and I will say that you will be very happy with this dog, we also wanted to first take Newfoundland, but then vzali Labrador

Answer No. 6:

Newfoundland! You at least read about the breed and never buy a dog on the principle of "fochutakunashu", choose the breed based on your interests and possibilities, it's your choice for the next 10-15 years. Read about dogs, you write about two fundamentally different dogs, as if I were choosing between taichik and rovaylerom and collies. Alabai is a wolfhound, it's a mountain dog. And Newf is a companion dog, who needs a pond nearby ....

Answer No. 7:

Not what, but who. And who knows best for you only yourself.

Answer No. 8:


Answer No. 9:

Dog-creatures are animate, so not what, but who. Both breeds are good. Each for their own purposes. The second breed is called Newfoundland.

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