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How to teach a dog to show his teeth before the show? Fr. bulldog.

Answer # 1:

Teeth should be shown, for example, at exhibitions orVeterinarian, in addition, this "General Training Course" reflects how well the trainer's relationship with his dog is established. There are no normative teams for this reception, so the trainer can use an arbitrary, invented by himself, for example, "Teeth!" Or "Show your teeth!".
In order to demonstrate your teethDogs, she is seated to her left, turn to her half-turned and, leaning towards her, put her left hand on the upper, and right on the lower jaw. If the dog's mouth is open, it is gently covered, so that the dog does not bite the tongue or fleece. Then, with the thumb and forefinger of the left hand, the upper jaw's jaws are raised, and the jaws of the lower jaw are lowered with the right hand, exposing the teeth for 5-10 seconds.
Some dogs resist when performingThis reception. Do not fight it, do not try to keep the dog, while giving her unpleasant sensations. You will further discourage her from showing her teeth. In such a situation, it is better to first accustom the dog to the touch of the hands to the muzzle. For this, a hungry dog ​​(literally for a moment!) Puts on hands and immediately feeds it. Gradually increase time and encourage the dog when it does not resist. After the dog has become accustomed to the presence of hands on its muzzle, begin to carefully lift the flews.
The main thing is that your manipulation is not causedA dog of unpleasant or painful sensations, but would become suitable for it, that is, useful. If you achieve this, it will not be difficult to open the dog's mouth, showing off its molars.
When your dog completely stopsResist, go to the simulation of the situation of the exhibition. Sit the dog in front of every familiar and unfamiliar person and show him the bite and condition of your dog's teeth. When this stage is mastered, try to give the right to an outsider to get your hand into the mouth of your dog. After such lessons, it will be much easier for you and your dog to win at exhibitions.
If the dog shows aggression in the class, prohibit it with the same strength and intensity with which the dog shows it. Or go back to the beginning and again
Go through the course, but with more (that is, with a very) hungry dog. And the younger the dog, the easier it becomes.

Answer # 2:

There are special textbooks and manuals for training the dog for the exhibition.
Google to help you ...

Answer # 3:

To train first at home, then on the street, then at a crowd of people. I was taught to show on the platform, when the people are flying to the train.

Answer # 4:

Feed unripe persimmon, which is knitting your mouth, until the evening you will smile :)))

Answer # 5:

This is in many ways the attitude of the dog to the owner. If she does not trust you, then there will be no problems. Give the command teeth and raise your lips to make your teeth visible.

Answer No. 6:

Do a couple of times a day, sit next to you and taking the upper and lower lip neatly draw your teeth saying the command teeth usually dogs get used to it without problems

Answer No. 7:

Write and call here. Help. [Link is blocked by the decision of the project administration]

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