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Feeding the French Bulldog, the diet of puppies and adult dogs

French bulldog refers to decorative breeds of dogs. He rightly deserved the love of dog breeders all over the world. Peculiarities of feeding a French bulldog first of all must take into account the specific lifestyle of each particular dog.

Bulldogs are very active and playful, but oftenIt happens that the owners set them up as house dogs and pay little attention to walks. Such dogs risk obesity and therefore require a low-calorie, but well-balanced diet.

In addition, the teeth of French bulldogs are quickly worn and do not differ strength, so it is better to very rarely give them bones. How to feed a French bulldog, how many times a day and how to do it right?

Feeding French Bulldog puppies

After weaning the puppy from the mother and up to 2 months, you should feed six times a day. Up to three months - five times a day, already gradually excluding milk porridge from the diet.

The puppy should eat four times aDay, up to a year - three times a day, and after a year to switch to two meals a day. If the owner decides to feed the puppy with ready dry food, then one should choose a dog food that will correspond to age and breed and boil it with boiling water until half a year and cool down to a temperature of 20-25 degrees. Read more on this topic article: Feed for puppies

At the same time the necessary puppy needs a portionCount yourself. If the baby can not cope with the portion given to him, it is necessary to reduce it, and if he does not leave the empty bowl, then the next feeding should be added a little.

Eating French Bulldog

Do not overfeed a French puppyBulldog, this can lead to rickets. Yes, and the excess weight is too much pressure on still not strengthened bones paws. With natural feeding, it is necessary to give more raw food. Of meat is best to choose beef.

It can be simply scalded with boiling water or, inIn the extreme case, cook for no more than 10 minutes and finely cut (but not minced). To meat it is better to give grated raw vegetables. Food for two thirds should consist of animal proteins (meat, fish, cottage cheese) and a third - from vegetables and cereals.

Also in the diet of French bulldogs are:

  • Boiled by-products: heart, ears, throat, brains, lungs, tails;
  • Raw marine fish without bones;
  • Oatmeal, buckwheat and rice cereals;
  • In soups, add fresh herbs or sprouted seeds of cereals;
  • Vegetable salads fill with vegetable oil;
  • Berries and fruit between the feeds give as a treat.

Food should not be too liquid to not cause stomach upset.

Better in general Do not give the dog such products:

  • Pork and any animal fats;
  • Raw river fish, herring;
  • Pickles and spices;
  • Bones (except occasionally "sugar" beef), bone broths, strong broths;
  • Ham, sausage, sausages, smoked products;
  • Fried meat or fish;
  • Legumes and potatoes;
  • Pasta, pies, fritters, white bread, rolls;
  • Sugar, cakes, biscuits, any confectionery.

For French bulldogs is very importantbalanced diet. Overfeeding often leads to obesity, metabolic disorders, loss of mobility, and, as a result, early enough death of the dog. If your dog does not walk a lot every day, then at least once a week she needs a long walk.

With a sedentary lifestyle pet litter bulldog is better to limit the diet. In any case, he should not exceed 5-7 percent of the dog's weight.
To check if the dog is getting fat, you can slightly squeeze its sides - the ribs should be probed. In this case, the stomach should look taut, and the gait should be light.

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