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Contents of the French Bulldog

You decided to bring a pet to the house. And you already have utensils for food, a couch, a collar, a leash, a muzzle, a whistle? What should they be like?

The contents of the French bulldog will not cause you great difficulties if you follow the simple tips given in this article.

Bowl for food

The French bulldog likes to carry a bowl in his teeth, turn it over, so

Do not use as dishes for foodDogs cracked plates or bowls with jags, since the dog can injure the tongue. The dishes should be stable, not beating. It is desirable to put a newspaper, an oilcloth or a wooden plate under the bowl, with a drilled hole for the bottom. Since the dog can pull food onto the floor and dirty it. Next to the bowl for food should be the same bowl for drinking water, which must constantly be filled with clean boiled water at room temperature. (About nutrition, see more useful articles in the section Dog Food)

A couch for a French bulldog can be arranged in three ways.

  1. Make a stove - a rug that is simply cleaned. You can also use rag or straw mattresses, covered with dense material.
  2. You can make a kennel from a wooden orCardboard box. In one of its sidewalls a hole is cut through, through which the puppy will climb inside. Inside the box is laid litter. The kennel should be spacious so that the puppy can stretch out to the full height.
  3. You can simply put a stable basket with low sidewalls. To save space, the oval basket is better than round. Cover the bottom of the basket with a multilayered litter.

French bulldog smiling


The collar is necessary to fix on itA sign with the address of the owner, the nickname of the dog. For a collar it is easy to catch and keep the bulldog if necessary. The constitution of the French bulldog is strong, the thorax is developed. Therefore, it is better to use a leather collar, which fits well around the neck and does not pull it. The dog must wear the collar constantly.


For the walking of dogs, for training, speeches onThe exhibition needs a leash. If you need a leash for walking, it's enough that the length of the leash should be 1m long, and if you are going to train, then the leash must be at least 3m.


Muzzle worn if you need to drive in public transport

(Metro, bus, trolley, tram, electric train); If there where you walk a lot of people; If you visit a veterinarian ...

The muzzle must be made of soft, well-formedLeather, metal fasteners should not rub your pet's muzzle, so it is necessary that the muzzle is well fitted. Wearing a muzzle does not cause positive emotions in dogs, but makes your walk more calm.


Whistle is necessary in order to easily call a dog.

The best whistle is a usual inaudible whistle with high sounds that are not audible by a man, but are well perceived by a dog.

Here is a list of necessary things for keeping a French bulldog.

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