/ / From which month can you teach the dog to the teams, and how? Can I teach a 1.6 month old puppy, to the teams, and how?

From which month you can learn the dog commands, and what? Can I teach a 1.6 month old puppy, to the teams, and how?

Answer # 1:

Team "Fu" - an extremely important team thatCan save not only your slippers from puppy teeth and carpets from puddles, but even save an inexperienced beast life. The team "fu" will help to solve most of the problems of behavior and ultimately raise an obedient dog. Be sure to learn how to properly punish the animal. The puppy will often hear this command, but the adult dog is much less likely, because it will already know what can and can not be done. Http://dressirovka-sobak.com/kak-otuchit-sobaku/kak-pravilno-nakazyvat-sobaku-ili-shchenka.html

The command "to me" is extremely importantCommand, after the utterance of which the puppy should joyfully rush to the master at the speed of the rocket. Achieve the approach of the puppy with only one command, without repeats, otherwise you will repeat the same command several times, but there will not be any sense (the dog will think that it is not necessary to obey one command and only after several repetitions).

The command "to me" will save the beast from manyTroubles. For example, during a walk a puppy may not listen to the call of the landlord and, feeling the spirit of freedom, be carried away to revel in the will somewhere away from the owner. Without control, the baby can get under the car, run after the street animal or, if the puppy grows up, throw himself at the person. In time saying "to me" the owner will call up the animal, thereby saving it from many troubles. It is better to teach a puppy from childhood - an adult dog is more difficult to teach and re-learn. To puppy enthusiastically fled to the urge, you need to interest him. Use delicacy, toys, ordinary food and any tricks if only the puppy ran up. Http://dressirovka-sobak.com/samostoiatelnaia-dressirovka-sobak/komanda-ko-mne-kak-nauchit-sobaku-podhodit-s-odnoi-komandy.html
The puppy's name is used for summoning. Name the nickname of the puppy and entice him to a treat, a toy or a bowl of food - soon he will happily escape hearing his name. Over time, the nickname will be used more to address the attention of the dog (which is not very much what you need) to the owner, since the nickname will be replaced by the command "to me." Http://dressirovka-sobak.com/ukhod-i-vospitanie-shchenka/kak-priuchit-shchenka-k-klichke-nauchite-shchenka-klichke-za-odin-den.html
The command "next" will be used every timeWhen you leave the dog with the limits of the house. Puppy up to three months does not make sense to learn to strictly follow this command, because he still can not. But with 3x it's time to get the right execution of the command "next". But what if the little puppy tightens the leash and you can not cope with it? Then start to train this team despite the age, but do not be too strict. Just make sure he does not pull on the leash.

How to teach the puppy to the place? The puppy must have a place and he must know where it is. But it's not critical if he sleeps wherever he likes. The main thing is that it does not interfere with the owners themselves.

Aport. In perfection, this small puppy will not perform this command. But you need to train him as early as possible. Aport - the right team, which will help to walk more actively an active puppy and adult dog. People who rely on the dog as a defender should think about its physical development. By the way, aport is an obligatory step on the way to learning the search of the area.

Answer # 2:

At this age educate. Training from 3-4 months. Pass begin on the site under the guidance of an instructor. In the search engine "growing and raising a puppy" type and explore.

Answer # 3:

A dog of any age can be trained in teams. Any Teacher

Answer # 4:

Until the nickname and commands "can not" and "to me." From 2-2,5 months. You can learn to sit, go to the place, then lie down. So gradually learn everything if you do not get too lazy. After a course of vaccinations and quarantine, learn to walk on a leash and by 4 months. It is possible already and on courses of educational training to be written down

Answer # 5:

It is possible and necessary, but play. (Jokingly). The main teams are "FU" and "to me" !, but it is better from 2.5 months, and the rest of the place, close and so on. maybe later.

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