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Change of milk teeth of a French bulldog, and how to clean them

Teeth are one of the virtues of the French bulldog. When a little sweet little dog opens his mouth, everyone immediately becomes aware that this is a real bulldog, so powerful are the powerful jaws with strong teeth.

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But in order for the teeth to be really worth, and not the weak point of the dog, they need careful care.

Change of teeth of baby teeth in a French bulldog

How to brush your teeth French bulldog and when they changeAn important moment in the life of a small bulldog isChange of teeth. Careful owners compare this troublesome time with the same period in the life of infants. A dog can simply be capricious because of pain during the eruption of permanent teeth, and can seriously get sick.

The risk of diseases is due to the fact that at this timeThe probability of infection in the body through the dental cavity increases. The milk tooth falls out, in its place the wound is formed, into which the grass or other infected object infected with saliva gets infected.

Therefore, some owners preferLimit during this period contact with other animals and free-range dog walking. At the same time, to provide such isolation is not easy, because changing teeth is a long process that can last for several months. But still it is better to cherish the health of your dog.

Change of milk teeth, which should normally be28, each puppy occurs on an individual basis. Usually this is a period from 3 to 7 months. In some French bulldogs, teeth change occurs quickly, and the teeth fall out literally one after another, while in others the breaks between the dropped teeth are very large.

There are happy owners for whom the processThe change of teeth in a dog passes almost imperceptibly and without the involvement of veterinarians. The milk tooth falls out itself, then another grows in its place. But because of the special structure of the muzzle of French bulldogs with a deformed upper jaw, such happiness is a rarity.

Basically, without the intervention of owners andVeterinarians grow teeth wrong: in two rows, not in their place or unfolding around their axis. Often there are situations when the milk tooth still does not even stagger, and next to it already there is a root tooth. Then the milk tooth should be removed in the veterinary clinic.

In particularly severe cases, milk teeth are notDrop out independently up to 1 year, but this pathology is extremely rare. Basically, dairy cutters and fangs do not want to leave their master. Veterinarians have made an interesting observation: in their opinion, one of the reasons for this violation is the reduction in the time of eating.

Each "meal" of a small dog shouldTake 15 minutes, and when the meal is laid in 5 minutes, it leads to a decrease in the load on the jaw and teeth. During the change of teeth, the French bulldog usually gnaws everything that falls under his aching teeth. If you want to save the interior of your apartment and things that are dear to your heart, then supply the French with special toys that satisfy his need to gnaw.

You can give him a leaf of cabbage or an apple, but notAll dogs like it, many are tempted by deliciously smelling expensive shoes made of genuine leather. In particularly sensitive dogs, there are various side effects during the period of teeth change:

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  • temperature increase,
  • lack of appetite,
  • stomach upset.

It is important to be able to distinguish these non-dangerous manifestations fromSymptoms of infectious diseases. The reward for all the worries and worries will be a complete set of snow-white and strong teeth. A French bulldog should have 42 teeth, 12 of which are incisors and 4 canines.

Why brush French bulldog teeth?

How to brush your teeth French bulldog and when they changeThe question of whether to clean FrenchBulldog teeth, causes a lot of controversy. Some people are simply convinced that cleaning their teeth is absurd, but, unfortunately, the results of examinations by veterinarians refute this opinion. If you do not care for the teeth of a dog, then it already by 3-5 years there are serious problems.

Dental plaque and stone - not all dangerousThe consequences of lack of dental care. For French bulldogs, periodontitis is also dangerous. This is not a harmless disease, which can lead to serious complications. Between the jawbone and the tooth in the gum a pocket is formed, filled with food remnants and pus. This pus can lead to a purulent runny nose and make breathing difficult.

But the inflammatory process can notStop and go further: on the brain, on the eyes, into the lungs. If you do not brush your dog's teeth, food remains will inevitably accumulate between them, which will lead to the appearance of calculus, and then to inflammation of the gums. The treatment of such a complex of problems, especially in a neglected state, will cost a fortune, so from any point of view it is much better to just brush your teeth regularly.

In addition, a dog with a tartar can no longer claim good results at exhibitions, and the appearance with such a dog in the ring will not speak in favor of the breeder's reputation.

How to brush French bulldog teeth?

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  1. For the easiest way to clean teeth French bulldog will need only a finger of the owner, gauze and children's tooth powder.
  2. Wrap your finger with gauze, apply a little tooth powder on it and brush your teeth for about 10 minutes.
  3. This procedure is sufficient to perform once a week, but if you do this more often, it will not be worse from this.

Instead of a finger, you can use a toothbrush, andInstead of a child's powder, special cleaning agents for a dog's teeth. To help the owners of French bulldogs, pet stores and veterinary pharmacies offer a large number of additional funds: napkins for teeth, chewable tablets and special bones.

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