/ / I want to start a small pet. But the choice is between a cat or a dog.

I want to start a small pet. But the choice is between a cat or a dog.

Answer # 1:

A dog, any dwarf breed.

Answer # 2:

Get a cat, they have a lot less problems with them than with dogs.

Answer # 3:

York, Toy Terrier, Chihuahua, Bolognese, Pomeranian Spitz

Answer # 4:

A cat, that's a cat. With a cat, too, not a few problems. And my advice to you is to castrate the cat and notch anything! (You can castrate from 8 months)

Answer # 5:

If the child, then definitely a cat

Answer No. 6:

I advise you to start a welsh corgi or jack russel terrier. From cats are friendly sphinxes, Turkish angoras. In general, the best option is a ferret.

Answer No. 7:

Cat) cats are affectionate and not as ugly as cats)

Answer No. 8:

The dog is uniquely !!! Dwarf Pinscher, Chihuahua, Russian Toy, Yorkshire Terrier ...

Answer No. 9:

A cat does not have to walk, but it's moreInadequate in food - not everyone can feed, and the basis of the diet is either meat (beef) or superfood class food, with the dog the same, but it needs less meat as a percentage of the whole meal. The dog needs to walk - for you it's good, do not get fat to the bone) Dogs are friendly, but they, like cats, need to be raised (cats, of course, less)
Animals are completely different - it all depends on your ability

Answer No. 10:

I can not advise you a cat, because it's for the dog)
The breed depends on your character, activity, material condition, time.

Answer No. 11:

If you live in a house, then a dog is better.

Answer No. 12:

For an apartment, a cat is better. A dog, no matter how small it may be, needs walks and mobility. They are sick without it. A walk, it means - dirty paws, in the fall and spring washing the overalls. If your house, you can immediately both.

Answer # 13:

We have a cat and a cat, both are castrated. Ideal, the soul lives in the soul. While the cat was not - we left the cat for a couple of days, leaving for the country, with a stock of clean trays, good dry food and unlimited access to water. We return - the food is not finished, and the cat twists at the feet and groans with moans on its hind legs: "Well, stroke me soon - I was so lonely without you!". Now they come out to meet us together, but - no complaints, without us they were busy with each other and did not miss.

Answer # 14:

A cat is a hassle-free pet, you do not have to walk, from education, you can accustom yourself to the tray and scratch and everything, but if you take a 3-month-old kitten, then he already knows everything

Answer No. 15:

Well, how can you compare different animals? Can not be a cat better than a dog and vice versa! You yourself decide to whom you have more of a soul. In the meantime, you do not have to start anybody.

Answer # 16:

Are you ready for a cheap apartment? - Then you are a little dog. In addition, with a dog, regardless of the size you need to walk every day, heat, frost, rain - it does not matter. A dog, no matter what the size, needs to be brought up so that an inadequate hysterical person does not turn out, which will all shake nerves .. The dog has more waste in terms of a veterinarian ... A small dog is not as simple as it seems, believe me, everything is serious, and if you do it Do not understand, then you can be greatly disappointed, and then the dog where? Start a hamster to begin with.

Answer # 17:

I would advise a cat. Because with a dog on a walk, there can also be sieges from street dogs. Are you ready for this?

Answer # 18:

I'm for dogs, but I advise you to have a cat.

Answer No. 19:

How can I advise? You do live with the chosen animal, not us ... who do you personally like best? From this, and proceed, of course, considering whether you can keep the animal and provide it with good conditions.

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