/ / Which animal is better? A cat or a dog?

Which animal is better? A cat or a dog?

Answer # 1:

Absolutely different animals.
Dogs even small obey the master,
Kitties and cats are also freedom-loving and willful.

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:


Answer # 4:

For me, the dog

Answer # 5:

The dog is devoted, the cat is beautiful.

Answer No. 6:

Who can you keep, animals are very different

Answer No. 7:

They are good in their own way but for me so a dog, no offense to the kitten)

Answer No. 8:

And the cat and
Dog cat cute and dog faithful well for me all the same dog

Answer No. 9:

Clarify the question - for whom and for what is better?

Answer No. 10:


Answer No. 11:

The cat is all good! And impudent, and cheerful, and no need to walk! Only wakes at 3-4 o'clock in the morning. I'm for a dog!

Answer No. 12:

A dog or a cat?!?! Oh, believe me, you can not compare them. Here you compare the red and round ??? God created a dog and a cat so that people could learn the devotion and independence they have. And they took it, and shared it with the dogs and cats. And since then, some of them are too loyal, but slaves and vice versa. ))) Here and so. I'm a doggie (and a doggirl and a koshatnitsa). And who are you?

Answer # 13:

Answer # 14:

Ve still ask who is more beautiful - blondes or brunettes

Answer No. 15:

They are all smart)) but only if the owner is not a fool)))

Answer # 16:

I used to think that dogs. But since the cat started to play, I think that everyone is good. True, the cat is quite a dog character.

Answer # 17:

For me, definitely a dog. Best of all animals in general.
Cats used to cause low-key sympathy. After 4 years living with a cat - a permanent aversion and irritation, even in the picture. I can not bear it.

Answer # 18:

I consider the question rhetorical. To each his own, some love both and others, and some in general ahaatin or piranhas. I keep both those and others. But a dog is a dog, of course ...

Answer No. 19:

Well, a question :)
And how do we know what is better for you? :)
Personally, I prefer DOGS!

Answer # 20:

A dog, because she's faithful and sweet!

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