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What kind of dog?

Answer # 1:

A shot from the film Hachiko is the most loyal friend.


Country of Origin: Japan
Height: 64 - 70 cm (male); 58 - 64 cm (female)
Weight: 40 - 45 kg (male); 32 - 45 kg (female)
Content in the apartment: suitable, but needs sufficient physical activity
Lifespan: 10 to 12 years
Well suited: for experienced owners

Character of Akita Inu

Akita Inu possesses a good character thatMakes them an excellent animal for the family. They are known as quiet dogs that bark only when it is required. Many fans of this breed say that the Akita Inu is made to feel relaxed and calm, so they help people cope with stress.

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In addition to the calm, sociable nature, Akita Inu is known for its cleanliness, some people compare them to cats for lack of smell and clean appearance.

Dogs of the Akita Inu breed are very patient and faithful, get along well with children and are inclined to protect them.

However, since akita-inu possessProprietary, as well as hunting instincts, it is desirable to accustom them to communicate with other animals at an early age. Akita Inu, who grew up with other animals, cats or dogs, will get along well with them in the future, but without early socialization they can be aggressive towards other pets, especially dogs of the same sex.

Very loyal Akita Inu are powerful defenders, which makes them good watchmen.

Akita Inu is an intelligent and calm dog, but alsoTime is independent and has a strong will, so training such a dog may not be a simple matter. This breed is better suited for people with a certain level of experience in keeping large dogs.

Akita Inu can be very stubborn and assertive and if she does not get enough physical exertion or is bored, can become destructive or difficult to control.

Answer # 2:

Akita Inu

Answer # 3:

Akita Inu

Answer # 4:


Answer # 5:

It's a breed of Akito-ino

Answer No. 6:

Breed: Akita Inu.
Origin: Japan

Answer No. 7:

Film: Hachiko, the most loyal friend, right?
Akita-inu. In the puppy age was Shiba Inu. When Khaty grew older, they replaced him with Akita. Japanese breed. Awfully expensive. It costs up to 100,000 rubles. Do you want to start it?

Answer No. 8:

Japanese Akita.

Answer No. 9:

Akita Inu

Answer No. 10:

Akita inu
The weight: 32 - 45 kg female, 40 - 45 kg male Height at the withers: 58 - 64 cm female, 64 - 70 cm male Color: any (red, white, gray, piebald, etc.), the main thing is that it should be clear And clean. Possible spots should also be clear. Wool: double, having an undercoat. The integumentary hair is somewhat longer and coarser than the undercoat, which is quite thick and soft. The length of the coat is about 5 cm (the belly and tail are slightly longer) Lifespan: 10 to 12 years
Source: http://mirsobak.net/porody/bolshie/akita-inu.html

Answer No. 11:

Akita Inu, suitable for very experienced owners,Brought up at least 3 adequate and educated dogs. Plus very expensive, the minimum price for a pet class is 30 thousand rubles. And in fact, not in the movie but in real life, a very hard-to-educate and dominant dog, for beginners is not suitable, well, if only with a good dog teacher, OBLIGATORY classes, in this case you can still try, but I do not think that your girlfriend will collect Thousand 50 minimum, the very least for buying and training with this dog, along with the cynologist, not counting the feed, since, these dogs have a whole bunch of allergies to many products, well, everything else ...

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