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Border Collie: photo and description, the nature of the breed

Border Collie Photo

Border Collie is the smartest and most astute pet.

Border Collie is a special breed thatIs famous for its incredibly developed intellect. Pets can remember the commands of the owner from the first time, quickly adapt to any habitat and have the most good-natured temper. Dogs are able to create an atmosphere of special comfort and joy in the house. Border Collie refers to the number, so the pet's desire to control all movements around is transmitted at the gene level. Due to this the breed is very responsible, under its supervision one can not be afraid to leave children. Let's consider the features of the content of an ideal dog from all sides.

General information:

  1. Pets are very smart and have a unique ability to literally anticipate the desires of the owner. Often they execute the team before it was given;
  2. The breed is recognized as the cleverest among dogs. Studies conducted by British scientists have shown the highest brain activity in animals;
  3. Pets are workaholics, they needRegular mental and physical activity. They are ready to help in all aspects of human life, becoming his faithful companion. Dogs can work up to 12 hours a day, while maintaining concentration and mindfulness;
  4. The shepherd's skills are very strong in the breed,Border collies are constantly observed for households, children and other animals. Can try to build a home "flock". This can be a problem for neighbors if the animal lives in a private house;
  5. Active games and running around activate hunting instincts in dogs, so dogs can pinch their legs, directing people's movement;
  6. Socialization quickly adapts dogs to communicate with other animals, and proper upbringing can eliminate any unwanted behavior of the pet;
  7. Because of developed intelligence, the breed is often"Runs away" from his place in the house, can easily open doors, overcome obstacles. The pet will never abandon the household, but short-lived shoots can become a dog's bad habit.

Border Collie Photo

Historical digression

Relying on the most popular version of originPets, Border Collie first appeared in the regions on the border of Scotland and Britain, which served as the name of the breed. Many scientists claim that dogs originate from working Viking dogs, who often raided the shores of Scotland. Scandinavian dogs fled from the ships, sent to the mountainous terrain, where they were tamed by Scottish farmers and crossed with sheepdogs.

The first official date of appearance of the breed is 1570. In its entire history, pets have changed dozens of names, starting with a working collie and ending with a farmer Englishman.

The highlands in which the BritishPeasants, was a very harsh place of habitation. Complex routes and sharp cliffs are not the best place for livestock pastures. Therefore, the peasants needed the help of a clever and intelligent pet, who was able to carry flocks on the narrowest and sheer roads. Before entrusting the collie to the work, farmers arranged local tests on complex routes with obstacles. The winner became the guard of the herd and the main producer of the breed, providing the offspring with the best genes.

Over time, the functions of dogs have expanded, in addition toProtection of flocks pets became guides for blind people, participated in rescue activities, became reliable house guards. Due to workload, the animals have long been away from exhibitions and international competitions, but in 1976 the breed was recognized by the English Club of Dog Lovers, and its representatives were allowed to participate in various competitions.

Developed intelligence and strikingly compliantCharacter made the breed very common and outside of the homeland. Animal can remember a huge number of words. The development skills of the pet correspond to the intelligence of a three-year-old child.

Interesting Facts

All members of the breed are very intelligent, but the mostOutstanding abilities were possessed by the dog of Rico, who managed to remember more than three hundred words of man. The animal not only distinguished the words by ear, but also understood their meaning. The scientists of the Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology became interested in the phenomenon of amazing memory. The dog remembered all the words even after a long stoppage of daily tests.

The research was conducted as follows:

  • In one room were the owners of the dog with the pet;
  • In another room were laid out 40 toys of the animal;
  • The owner alternately asked Rico to bring this or that thing. To find the desired object the dog required no more than 30 seconds;
  • Out of 40 host teams, the animal coped with 38, which is a brilliant result;
  • Task was complicated by placing in a room withToys of a new object. The owner asked the pet to bring it. The dog intuitively chose an unfamiliar object, determining that the new word means a new toy in the room.

Description of breed Border Collie ::

  1. Height at withers - 54 cm;
  2. the weight - 21 kg;
  3. Life expectancy - up to 16 years;
  4. head - an elongated skull without pronounced occipital protuberance, the cheekbones have a slightly convex structure, a prominent transition from the forehead to the muzzle;
  5. nose - the pigmentation can be black, gray or brown. Color depends on the color of the fur coat and completely in harmony with it;
  6. eyes - oval shape, expressive look, brown color. In dogs with a marble coat, eyes of light tones may occur;
  7. Ears - medium size, set wide, triangular, standing;
  8. teeth - a scissor bite, white teeth, a full set, the upper jaw slightly covers the lower one, the lips adhere to the jaw, have black pigmentation;
  9. neck - Muscular, of medium length;
  10. Limbs - placed parallel to each other, wide,Strong, the shoulder blades are well inclined, the elbows fit tightly to the trunk, the hips are long, the corners of the hock are well pronounced, the fingers are collected in a dense lump, the claws are usually white or black;
  11. Housing - muscular, slightly elongated, broad chest, barrel-shaped ribs;
  12. tail - takes a saber-like shape, is covered with a thick fur coat, is planted low enough. When moving, he gets to the hock, at rest he hangs and twists slightly at the end;
  13. dynamics - light and graceful movements, with active movement imperceptibly as a pet tears off the ground, it seems that the dog sneaks at high speed;
  14. wool - representatives of the breed are divided into holdersLong coat and short. The main hair is hard and thick, the undercoat is soft and silky. Dogs with long hair have a pronounced mane and a fox tail;
  15. Color - the palette of wool can be absolutely any, the main rule is that the white color is not dominant. Classic dog colors are black, dark with tan, marble, brown.

Border Collie Photo

The character of a Scottish shepherd

Border Collie has a gentle and cheerful disposition. The breed can be playful and very attentive at the same time. Animals are accustomed to carefully monitor what is happening around, are inclined to make independent decisions, while they are unlimitedly devoted to their masters.

Dogs are easy to train, they get on well withChildren, are ideal for keeping in families where there are already kids. This tandem is considered one of the best - a child can walk with a pet, realizing its energy and the need for activity. Children and dogs quickly find a common language among themselves, organize joint fascinating games.

In relation to other animals, the collie does not showAggression, but seeks to take "patronage" over the inhabitants of the house. The breed suppresses and dominates other pets, which can lead to conflicts.

Border Collie has a developed nose, eyesight andFlair. Useful qualities were fixed by artificial selection for hundreds of years, so choosing a dog as a watchdog - you will not lose.

Collie can fake and hide traces of domestic"Crimes". Although antics are not characteristic of the breed, but in the case of filth, the pets will try to "clean up" to avoid punishment and not cause the wrath of the master. Pets also know perfectly well what they "get away with" and what does not. They are excellent in this and can even manipulate household members.

To start a pet is recommended for those families,Who often spend time outside the home, lead an active lifestyle and are ready to "load" the dog with work. In addition to classic walks, collies need serious physical activity, as well as intellectual work in the form of training. Several times a week you need to practice sports that are close to the working specialization of the dog. In this case, the frisbee is the best.

The recommended place for keeping the pet isA country house where the dog can run for hours on the adjoining territory, observe what is happening around and realize its hunting potential. You can get a collie in an apartment, because the developed intellect of the breed will not let it rush around the house and ruin things. However, in this case the role of active walks becomes even more significant.

In relation to strangers, the dog showsPoliteness, however, will behave detached until it is convinced of safety. If the guests begin to argue with the household and raise the tone, then the animal can try to expel strangers from the apartment. Protection of the host is the basic postulate in the behavior of the pet.

Border Collie training

The breed is one of the most capable ofTraining of dogs. It is easy to prepare for competitions in flyball, freestyle and agiling. A high level of obedience allows the pet to clearly and unquestioningly carry out commands. Border Collie perceives any work, including training, as an integral part of one's life. Therefore, he will be grateful to you for your time and lessons.

Incredibly smart dog does not need hardMeasures of upbringing. She remembers all the commands and words on the fly. But even in the event of a miss, one should not use a voice increase and, especially, force. The main method to warm up interest in learning is caress and tasty encouragement.

Begin training is recommended withHalf-year-old puppy. However, all the teams can perform all the commands impeccably only after reaching 1.5-2 years. The breed is characterized by slow growing, so it keeps playfulness and juvenile maximalism for a long time. Therefore, it will not always be serious to study.

Physical activity is necessary for the dog, asair. Therefore, it is recommended to combine training with outdoor games. Collie loves to jump over obstacles, with joy will bring a stick. In a special delight the breed leads the game with a tennis ball. Throw it as far as possible, so the pet runs in and in the home atmosphere will not exhibit activity characteristic of animals.

Is it difficult to keep the most intelligent dog in the world?

Care for the Border Collie is quite simple, the main attention should be paid to the wool during moulting. The main postulates of the content:

  1. wool - combing every few weeksA metal brush to give the pet a well-groomed appearance and prevent the appearance of coils. Before combing, you must moisten the pet's coat, otherwise you can tear off the coat's coat and cause the animal pain. During moult, do not use a puffer that traumatizes the skin of the pet and adversely affects the undercoat structure. It is recommended to bathe the dog in a plentiful foam from the shampoo, then apply the conditioner to the coat, rinse, dry with a towel and comb. The dead hair is removed by itself;
  2. Paws - cutting of claws once a month, especially importantCare for the fifth finger, which has a short, but structured nail. He does not grind while walking alone and can cause a collie discomfort. After walking, you should wipe the dog's paws with a damp cloth, as excessive pet activity leads to its contamination;
  3. Ears - care for the inside with a wet sponge or swab, care is needed once a week to remove surplus sulfur and prevent the appearance of an unpleasant smell;
  4. eyes - preventive care in the form of rubbing the eyes with a tampon moistened in the weak tea leaves of green tea;
  5. teeth - use of antiseptic ointment and cotton swabs for inflammation of the gums, purchase of a calcifying stone;
  6. Protection against parasites - pets are predisposed to the appearance of fleas andTicks. Thick coat and love of active life in nature can lead to infection of the dog. After walking, it is recommended to inspect the coat of an animal, as well as use a variety of aerosols and collars to prevent infection.

Diseases of the breed

Working pets are very strongHealth, the breed has a fairly extensive gene pool, so hereditary diseases are almost alien to the breed. However, like in other large dogs, the collie has ailments of the musculoskeletal system. The weak point is also the eyes, for the prevention of diseases which require regular prevention.

Possible health problems:

  • Displacement of the lens of the eye, retinal atrophy;
  • Hip joint trauma;
  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Cerebral abiotrophy;
  • Hypothyroidism;
  • epilepsy;
  • Congenital deafness.

Be sure to vaccinate a collie from rabies. Visit a specialist at the age of 7 months. In order to preserve the health of the pet and prolong its life, it is recommended to vaccinate the dog from a number of other ailments peculiar to the breed. What kind of vaccines are needed and at what age they should be done, the veterinarian will tell on the consultation.

Common among the breedThe disease is cancer. Therefore, pets should never be fed modified products. Dogs should be kept as far from carcinogens as possible.

The main diseases are manifested in a mature andOld age of the dog. Approximately to 10 years of life, a collie may become deaf, and cases of brain disorder are not uncommon. The vascular system is also the Achilles' heel of a collie, but the right diet can prevent the development of maladies.

Border Collie feeding

Make a ration of the collie, which historicallyLives on the mountain open spaces, it will not be difficult, because the dog is very unpretentious in food. Dogs like meat and fish, they will gladly taste dairy products and vegetables. Animals consume even fresh fruits that make up the necessary vitamins in the body, so buying additional complexes is not necessary.

Dog handlers do not forbid giving dry food to animals. Choosing such a diet, you save time for cooking, it's convenient to take food with you on the road. However, only premium varieties should be chosen, other feed will have a bad effect on the health of the pet.

When choosing natural food, remember that the menu should consist of fresh products, and the cooking method is cooking. The main list of dishes for a collie:

  • Low-fat meat;
  • Game - chicken, turkey;
  • Rice and buckwheat without adding salt;
  • Seasonal vegetables in raw form;
  • Sea fish without bones;
  • Low-fat cottage cheese;
  • Eggs, milk, kefir;
  • By-products;
  • scar.

It is not recommended to give the dog the following products:

  • sweets;
  • bread;
  • Pork;
  • Smoked products;
  • bones;
  • River fish;
  • Legumes and cabbage.

Begin to feed a puppy with natural foodShould be at the age of 2 months. The basis of the diet should be cooked meat and dairy products (cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs). The number of portions of an adult is three meals a day, puppies are recommended to feed at least 5 times a day. Food for a collie should be high in calories, as the breed is very active and consumes a large amount of energy.

When keeping the collie, it is necessary to ensure the pet's permanent access to fresh water. This is especially important when feeding with dry food, which can be fully absorbed only when washed down.

Border Collie: puppy photo

How to choose a Border Collie puppy and where to buy it? Price

When choosing a baby first thing is recommendedPay attention to its activity. A healthy puppy shows mobility, sniffs everything around, treats strangers. A sign of the absence of diseases is a wet nose, the puppy must be fairly well-fed, have a thick coat and a good appetite.

When buying a dog, you should contact a well-knownNursery, which breed not in one generation. Border Collie is a fairly common breed in Russia, official breeders are available in major cities, so buying a puppy is not particularly difficult.

However, you should be careful and study the standards of the collie, so as not to buy a puppy similar color of another breed. Ads on the Internet without documents are often an act of fraud.

When a child is in need from early childhoodControl the impulsiveness and enthusiasm of the dog. The puppy will try to follow you everywhere, helping in all matters. However, this can damage the health of the pet. Begin training colley is recommended with the basic commands "to me", "sit", "next" and others. This will greatly simplify walks with the animal, seeking to control everything around.

The cost of a puppy Without a pedigree fluctuates around 500 dollarsat. However, the cost of a dog without documents can be significantly higher due to the traditional color or impressive inclinations to training. Then the price rises to 700-800 dollars.

The most expensive option is the chocolate color of the pet. If there are documents in the puppy, his The cost will vary between $ 1,000. The high price of the breed does not at all affect its demand, because the collie is a true friend and the smartest pet in the world.

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