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Do dogs make us better?

Answer # 1:

I think yes. Well firstly the regime of the day, the second walk in the fresh air, the third did not remove the necessary thing on time, consider it lost forever, that is, we become more attentive to the order. If you want your singing to be the most-most, then one way or another you have to look for Old, which means a lot to read, which means the work of your memes and memory. Little children learn to look after animals, learn patience, sensitivity, caring, it's not tamogochi, animals really die.

Answer # 2:

Dogs do not do anything at all. Only shit and bark.

Answer # 3:

The more I recognize people, the more I like dogs. (from)

Answer # 4:

Attitude towards anyone or anything, including dogs, changes our character

Answer # 5:

Yes, only if you mean this herb: "Dogs make us better, and we do the best for them." In the stern of Pedigri all the vitamins are collected, etc.) then this is nonsense.

Answer No. 6:

Symmetrical relations: A man is a friend to a dog, a dog is a friend of man. With respect to a person to a dog, you can determine what kind of person he is. And anyway, it's good - when a dog is a friend, it's bad - when a friend is a dog ... well, that's somehow so ...

Answer No. 7:

You? Only worse. They support you in any business. In the most disgusting, too.

Answer No. 8:

Of course.
They lead some people out of depression, make people more responsible, they have fun, and many more facts)

Answer No. 9:

Naturally. The dog will never betray, accept you as you are, and will love, regardless of bank account, position, appearance or even character. The dog makes you more responsible, and will always support, at any moment, in all matters. The dog does not care where she lives-in a luxurious courtyard with a swimming pool, or on a rug in a rented apartment-most importantly give her love and affection, and she will give you life, and will love to the end. The dog will rejoice at your arrival home, and teach you the real care and love. And most importantly, after that, many owners begin to take an example from them, and this, in fact, changes them.

Answer No. 10:

Of course!

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