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What teams can teach a dog?

Answer # 1:

Yorkie study easily and willingly, train themYou can throughout your life. A well-trained and well-trained dog will become your pride, and you will always be able to control her behavior and prevent the dangers that may occur in her path.

Answer # 2:

Fu, you can not, get up, sit, voice, to me, look, lie

Answer # 3:

You have a street dog or a domestic dog. And what kind of breed * ??

Answer # 4:

The dog of my friend on the street pulled wallets out of pockets and carried them to the owner.

Answer # 5:

"To me!" Mastering this team is the first step to establish a contact between the owner and the pet.
"Sit!" This command is basic. After this skill is mastered, it will be easier to move on to the other teams.
"Walk!" - a kind of change in the "dog school." She teaches the dog rest and change of activities.
"Lie down!" A puppy is introduced to a student after he has learned the command "Sit!". The dog must learn to lie evenly, raising his head.
"Crawl!" Before teaching the animal to this team, you need to make sure that the place where you have to crawl is safe, there are no roots and stones.
"Aport!". The dog brings an object thrown by the owner a few meters away.
"Fu!"Knowledge of the team will protect the dog from infections, and the host from unpleasant incidents. It is important for a young dog not to take prohibited items and not to approach them without permission. This command must be accompanied by strict intonation.

"The voice!" The dog barks at the command. This will help frighten the intruder and get rid of the causeless noise.
"Quiet!" This command teaches the dog to stop barking at the order of the owner.
"Give!" You can at any time take away from the dog a thing that she should not take.
"Place!" Especially useful for dogs living in urban apartments. The dog goes to his litter or the couch reserved for her.
"The leg!"It often happens that the dog's paws are tangled in a leash. Helping to release the limb, the master should, slightly twitching the leash, say: "Leg". After, in such cases, the dog will help to release their paws.

"Go around!". The dog skirts an obstacle that meets on the way: a pole, a tree.
"Machine!" For those who have a walking route through the roads, this team is simply necessary.
"Barrier!" At the command of the owner, the pet jumps over the obstacle.
"Catch!" A dog is caught throwing a slice on the fly.
"Forward!" The dog must follow the front of the owner, it is convenient on the path, when landing in transport.
"Track!" The animal first brings the owner hidden in the trail, then discovers the object for any smell associated with it.
"Stand!" ? One of the commands of aerobatics, since it is very difficult for a dog to maintain complete immobility.
"Nearby!" The dog follows the left foot of the owner close to him.

Answer No. 6:

Give a feathery, somersault, die, dance, waltz, spin, search, sneakers, bunny (gopher), fas, aport, fu, his, give, place, next to me.

Answer No. 7:

They do not list all of them very much: fu, give a paw, look, fas, aport, give, place, next to me, barrier, stand, forward, walk, lie, can not, walk, Hai (team for sled dogs)

Answer No. 8:

The most common is "Fu". Especially touches, when the owner (ka) says it, and the dog does not care. But how much pride and self-confidence in this team.

Answer No. 9:

to me

Answer No. 10:

Snake, close, spinning. But this is if those teams that you listed are firmly learned

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