/ Which breed of dog will you never get? why?

What kind of dog you will never get? why?

Answer # 1:

It is impossible to enumerate all of them, of course ...
1. I will not manage naked and dogs, and cats - I really do not like
2. I will not get a dog burdened with exaggerated modern exterior (BUT, English bulldog, dachshund, basset, etc.) - I do not want a disabled person
3. I will not have a dog of any breed, whose parents feed on economy-class food and porridges
4. I will not get a dog of any breed from unhealthy parents
5. I will not have a dog of any breed without documents

Answer # 2:

That the terrier, a lot of bark

Answer # 3:

KHS and poodle - well, they do not like me purely visually

Answer # 4:

Because they lazy people do not fit not under protection and not under the hunt ... do not like children at all !!! Not once heard that intelligent dog, good-natured bitten children!

Answer # 5:

I'm naked - it looks very messy!

Answer No. 6:

That the terrier, chihuahua because they constantly shit in an apartment and can not fight with it at all

Answer No. 7:

Chihuahua, and all the poor breeds, will never be protected!

Answer No. 8:

Taxi ...

Answer No. 9:

Rottweiler. A dumb creature who does not understand even his own strength.

Answer No. 10:

Pug - just do not like it.

Answer No. 11:

Shar-Pei and Bassenji-for me it's the breeds on which I put the cross.
Insane, extremely stupid and aggressive.

Answer No. 12:

Chihuahua ... and others are so small ... no, I like them, but I can not take them like dogs !!!!

Answer # 13:

If the rocks, then so ....
Any decor,
Any naked

Not my breeds. Here you can not even explain this fact ... I just know that it's not mine =)

Answer # 14:

I do not have any. Dad does not want to.
Although I love them sooooo much.

Answer No. 15:

In addition to the German shepherd, no.

Answer # 16:

I will never manage a fighting dog, ugly, for appearance, dangerous, bloodthirsty.
But if the dog has documents, this is nonsense. what's the difference? . Interestingly, the bird knows his pedigree to what kind of tribe?))) And what evidence of his aristocracy has?

Answer # 17:

Another connoisseur of the dog-killer, named Victoria ...

I do not know what I will not manage, naked is not very ... although they will bring me a naked dirty dog. They'll say take it or kill it ... I'll take it, I will not remember what I did not like.

Answer # 18:

Chinese crested, shchu-tsu, alabai, bordeaux dane, mittelshnaucer, rizenschnauzer, Caucasian sheep-dog, I do not like them visually

Answer No. 19:

Nigogda in my life I will not manage the bullets, they look like a mop ....

Answer # 20:

Love dogs. Everybody likes breeds, they're all funny. But I will not get big, the area does not allow :)

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