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Advise the dog's parody.

Answer # 1:


Country of origin: Central Africa

Height: 41 - 43 cm (male); 38 - 41 cm (female)

Weight: 10 - 12 kg (male); 9 - 11 kg (female)

Content in the apartment: suitable, but needs sufficient physical activity

Lifespan: 10 to 12 years

Basenji's appearance

Basenji are small, smooth-haired dogs with standing ears and a tightly bent tail ring. These are graceful dogs with an elegant neck.

The appearance of the basenji is often compared with a miniature gazelle. Attractive wrinkles are collected on the forehead of these dogs especially in puppies.

Beautiful almond-shaped eyes and high set, pointed, slightly inclined forward ears.

They have an athletic build that gives them a deceptively threatening look, even in spite of their small size.

They have the graceful gait of a thoroughbred trotter.

The color of the basenji can be two-color red and white, black and white and three-color red, black and white as well as variegated, with black stripes on a red background plus white.

Basenji's temperament

Some people believe that Basenji character terrier because of their hunting roots. Others compare them to cats for mannerism, intelligence, curiosity, stubbornness, independence and restraint.

These dogs need an emotional and physical stimulus, if this is not their behavior can become destructive.

Basenji almost do not bark, but that does not mean that they are silent. They mutter, moan, snort, growl, sometimes bark, but not often.

Most of the Basenji do not like contacts withWater. They are ready for a lot to avoid getting wet. On the other hand, they are very curious dogs and can temporarily or even completely miss the rain if they are very keen. They are smart enough and well trained, but some feline independence and self-regulation makes them not very obedient.

Basenji naughty animals with a good sense of humor. They can be indifferent to strangers, but are very attached to their masters.

Granted to themselves and not trained basenji can get bored and "do things", especially alone.

They are very fond of running and chasing, it's veryFast and nimble dogs. Better never let the basenji run unattended in an unfamiliar area, because of their fearless nature, they can get into trouble.

This breed can very well get on with children if it grows with them, although patience to children is no different.

Basenji are very clean, so they are good for people who appreciate the cleanliness of the house.
More Chinese crested dogs. AND THE PUBLIC Labrador

Answer # 2:

German. Shepherd.
she is the best.

Answer # 3:

Italian Cane Corso
Kerry Blue Terrier

Answer # 4:


Answer # 5:

Much of what is listed from upbringing depends. РЧТ, доберман, airedale, Risenschnauzer, am. Staf, rottweiler, boxer, collie, shepherd.

Answer No. 6:

All dogs except small decorative and brachycephalus.)

Answer No. 7:

Well, you and advised))))))) Labra - an ideal kind dog.

Answer No. 8:

Well, you can German Shepherd, Husky and Labrador)
Here are the most normal breeds!

Answer No. 9:

"With a kind character" - the owner loves anyBreed. Or do you need to lick the first counter as a labrador retriever? Pustolauk also does not exist. It depends on the upbringing. I like German Shepherds, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Aussies, Leopard Dog Katahuly. And they will suit you.

Answer No. 10:

I do not understand why they only offer BUT andLabrador? There are 1000 breeds of dogs that are large and medium, kind and loyal, but that's not about barking it individually, and even BUT and Huskies, etc., can also bark at will, if not educate. I can offer you pore breeds of dogs that are smart, kind and easy to train.
Standard poodle
Gold Retriever

Answer No. 11:

Purpose of acquisition? What loads can you provide?
Bark on trifles ill-bred dogs .. It does not depend on the breed. No, of course, there are breeds inclined to bark: hounds, sledges, etc., but with the proper sowing, there will be no problems.
Choose from the standard rate to the Great Dane. According to your description, almost all breeds are suitable for you.

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