/ / Which breed of dogs is the most intelligent?

Which breed is the smartest?

Answer # 1:

1. Border Collie
2. The Poodle
3. German Shepherd
4. Golden Retriever
5. Doberman Pinscher
6. Sheltie
7. Labrador Retriever
8. The Papillon
9. Rottweiler
10. Australian Cattle Dog

Here is such a list))))

Answer # 2:

German Shepherd

Answer # 3:

The oldest and most intelligent breed of dogs is dogs ...

Answer # 4:

Which is trained. There are intelligent shavks and stupid German shepherds, rotators, etc.

Answer # 5:

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Answer No. 6:

All breeds of dogs are intelligent.

Answer No. 7:

The smartest dog is the one with the clever boss.

Answer No. 8:

Border Collie

Answer No. 9:


Answer No. 10:

In my opinion, the sheepdog

Answer No. 11:

Just realize that Smart Shepherds. But behind them you need to look after and train ...))) And if you just buy it and do nothing with it, then she will climb over her neck and legs will ...))) That's so ...)))

Answer No. 12:

All dogs are smart in their own way! For example, say "German Shepherd - smarter than all dogs" (I do not have anything against a sheepdog - this is just an example), but there are stupid sheep-dogs ... In short, I wanted to say that not all dogs are intelligent .... Vsmysle .. . The people of this dog say very clever, but that does not mean that all dogs of this breed are intelligent .... In short, all dogs are different :)

Answer # 13:

Everyone has his own cleverest and most faithful dog. This question was already yesterday.

Answer # 14:

In general, dogs are considered smart ones that haveInitiations of abstraction. That is, if the dog carries the slippers without any mistakes at the request of all their household - it is smart. Dog handlers in this way define as the most intelligent dog - BIT OF THE RISENSHNAUCER. She understands without words all the commands that you can show with your hand or even your head and eyes. . Among the shepherds' dogs, the most intelligent is a collie. A group of collies without masters can drive a herd from the field and drive them into the pens to which these flocks belong. At the same time it is absolutely without teams and without errors. . So the dog's mind is quite a relative thing ..

Answer No. 15:

For me, so a Labrador ... I have, I did not see a dog smarter!

Answer # 16:

For me the most intelligent, a palace breed, in a different way a mongrel !!

Answer # 17:

For me the German shepherd

Answer # 18:

As nadressiruesh, such a dog will be. Simply there are easy to learn, but there are more obstinate by nature.

Answer No. 19:

Any. In intelligent hosts, the animal can not be stupid.)

Answer # 20:


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