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The cleverest dog?

Answer # 1:

Border Collie. Cynologists around the world recognize this breed as the smartest. These dogs are by no means slackers, they like to work. About the Border Collies even say that the representatives of this breed live to work.

Very easy to train, friendly,Love children. In general, they can be used everywhere - both as guards, and as nannies, and just like a house smart dog. In our country, these dogs are not so common, but their popularity is steadily growing, and it may very well be that soon they will not be a rarity in the streets of cities.

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:


Answer # 4:

Border Collie. This is absolutely.

Answer # 5:

German Shepherd №1

Answer No. 6:

German. Armchair

Answer No. 7:

Pomeranian Spitz !!!

Answer No. 8:

Every dog ​​owner believes that his dog is the smartest. :)

Answer No. 9:

On this issue, research was conducted. In the first place is a poodle.

Answer No. 10:

The one that will be brought up and will be engaged. The breed is not important.

Answer No. 11:

Pit Bull Terrier - if from childhood with one owner is brought up! He understands everything at a glance!

Answer No. 12:


Answer # 13:


Answer # 14:

No stupid dogs. There are stupid owners.

Answer No. 15:

my ))

Answer # 16:

All the dogs are smart !!!!)))

Answer # 17:

The one who came to the fence told you that the owner is not at home, and did not bark because she did not want to scare you.

Answer # 18:


Answer No. 19:

Of course my, otherwise it can not be)

Answer # 20:

Oh, do not shoot, I'm shy!

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