/ / Breed of dogs "Moscow watchdog". Tell us about this breed? Did it come from St. Bernard? They are very similar.

Breed of dogs "Moscow watchdog". Tell us about this breed? Did it come from St. Bernard? They are very similar.

Answer # 1:

Wonderful guard dogs, I had. MOSCOW STOCKHOLM

Country of origin: Russia
Height: 58 - 69 cm
Weight: 45 - 68 kg
Content in the apartment: not recommended
Lifespan: 9 to 11 years
Well suited: for experienced owners

The nature of the Moscow watchdog

The original appointment of the Moscow watchdog, as it can be understood from the name of this breed, is to be a watchman.

Dogs of this breed are intelligent and have excellentGuarded and protective qualities. The Moscow watchdog will always guard the territory allotted for it. Protection of the family is also its main task. These dogs do not know fear and never give up. If necessary, they will give their lives for the owner and members of his family.

The Moscow guard dog needsTraining, but not for the development of defensive instincts, which are already perfectly developed, but for training teams. If the dog of this breed is not trained, then it will not be easy to cope with it, since it is a very large dog.

Dogs of this breed can get along well withOther dogs. They are also patient and affectionate with children, but because of their massive physique they are not suitable for keeping with very young children.

Moscow guard dogs need a lot of free space, so they are not suitable for keeping in an apartment or a small house without a fairly spacious area in the yard.

This breed of dogs feel good in a cold climate, and copes well with the guarding of large areas in cold winter conditions.

This is the dominant breed of dogs, so it is best for people who know how to educate and socialize such animals.

Diseases of the Moscow watchdog

Most often in dogs of this breed there are the following diseases:

Hip Dysplasia
Food allergy

Answer # 2:

Caucasus. Shepherd was involved.

Answer # 3:

ABOUT THE DESERVED Caucasian Shepherd talk a lotNothing .... After the war, the nursery "Red Star" brought trophy St. Bernards .... In "cleanliness" it was not possible to breed ... That's what the Moscow watchdog started to show: the bough of the St. Bernards knitted with the dogs of the breed CAUCASIAN sheepdog,. Then the hybrids were bred in themselves. "In general, they received the breed group" Moscow watchdog. "The original goal of its deduction was for the CARAULT SERVICE ... But at the end of the 1980s, by the decision of the Central Dog Service Club of the USSR, the Federation of Service Dog Breeding in the USSR, the Moscow watchdog Tied a St. Bernard ....

Answer # 4:

Caucasian Shepherd was mixed with St. Bernard

Answer # 5:

Chic quiet dogs, was a Muscovite, trained, faithful, in vain does not give a voice, a good caretaker, gentle with children, a defender

Answer No. 6:

Features of the nature of the Moscow watchdog. The overall activity of dogs probably depends on gender, age, and conditions of detention. Outside the city, the dog, of course, is more mobile than the city, accustomed to sniffing quietly in anticipation of the owner. But, one way or another, most dogs of this breed were found to have increased activity. The males showed themselves to be much more active than the bitches. And probably in connection with the increased overall activity, most owners believe that the need for walking the Moscow watchdog is very high.

ExcitabilityAn active state and keep it in a pronounced form) is not very typical for this breed. In this regard, such an unpleasant quality for neighbors, like barking, Moscow sentry is expressed to happiness, rather weakly. Still, this dog is silent, and bitches are more inclined to bark than males.

Moscow watchdogs are very well-balanced dogs, with males more than bitches. And such a feature, as phlegmatic in the main, is weakly expressed.

Most Moscow watchdogs are too stubborn,But at the same time can be sufficiently independent, cause concern to owners. Therefore, acquiring a puppy of this breed, immediately tune into training. In the rest, the Moscow watchdogs, like all dogs, are very attached to the owner, sociable, cheerful and demanding to caress. Most of the owners believe that the Moscow watchdog is quite intelligent and very smart dog. The muscularity of the Moscow watchdog is very high - 91% of dogs have it to a significant degree, and bitches are more intelligent than males. If ingenuity reflects the dog's ability to behave correctly in non-trivial situations, then training implies the speed of mastering any skills. According to the owners, this breed has a very pronounced ability to train. Specialists-cynologists believe that Moscow watchdogs are trained more easily than St. Bernard, Central Asian, South Russian and Caucasian shepherds. Intelligence - and this, most likely, the dignity of behavior and the peculiarity of appearance, is expressed to a considerable extent among representatives of this breed.

Aggressiveness. Aggressiveness of the dog - this is the basis on which its working qualities are formed. The higher the aggression, the greater the hope that the dog will justify itself as a defender and guard in a critical situation. Therefore, many would like to have dogs with more severe malice. But increased aggressiveness creates additional difficulties when keeping a dog in the city - it is difficult to get along with such a neighbor. As far as possible to judge the breed, the Moscow watchdog is characterized by poorly expressed and rarely observed aggression towards the owner and members of his family - as a rule, this is the result of incorrect education. Surprisingly, bitches are somewhat more aggressive towards family members than males. Maybe this is because acquiring a bitch, the owners rely on her reduced overall aggressiveness and less than should pay attention to establishing the right hierarchical relationship. About a third of dogs have a tendency to unprovoked aggression, 32% of dogs can be dangerous to other people's children. More than 60% of dogs have a moderately and significantly pronounced aggression towards humans, which is a good enough base for the use of dogs of this breed for protection and protection. Watching qualities are well expressed in 81% of dogs, the ability to protect the territory - in 85%. By the way, males with less willingness than bitches guard the territory entrusted to them.
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Answer No. 7:

St. Bernard, Caucasian Shepherd, Russian Piggy Hound.

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