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Which dog to buy?

Answer # 1:


Country of origin: Ireland

Height: 66 - 71 cm (male); 61 - 66 cm (female)

Weight: 29 - 34 kg (male); 25 - 29 kg (female)

Content in the apartment: not recommended

Lifespan: 12 to 15 years

Well suited: for inexperienced owners.


Irish Setter is a gentle, kind dog withGood manners. This is a fairly energetic breed that needs some space in order to run and play. Also, dogs of this breed need regular communication with their family. Irish setter is a dog, very people-oriented and always prefers a company of people to solitude.

It is very intellectual, not dominant and notAggressive breed of dogs. Dogs of this breed are excellent companions for other dogs, pets and even cats, especially if grow with them together.

Irish Setter is an ideal family dog,Loving to spend time with children. With good training, the Irish setter can perform the commands of even a very small child, so it is perfect for families with children. Irish Setter is infinitely patient with children and is never aggressive.

The Irish setter is not a guard and not a watchdog and often gladly greets strangers.

These dogs are excellent companions for jogging and walking. They are energetic, athletic and always happy to participate in all the activities of their family.

Irish setter dogs are not suitable for living in an apartment. Also, these dogs are not recommended for families that love silence and lead a passive lifestyle.

Best of all, this breed of dogs is suitable for active people who like to spend a lot of time in the air.

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Answer # 3:

Do you want a big - take Labrador
The most conflict-free dog.
All large dogs tend to dominate ... If they are not trained, you soon will not understand who is whose master ...

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Answer No. 6:

Buy Husky.

Answer No. 7:

Labrador, if you need a peaceful dog and well yieldable to education. But if you want with a character - a German then.

Answer No. 8:

I like spitz-of small, shelty-of medium, labrador, from large.

Answer No. 9:

As you can advise that something. Not knowing even your financial situation. Again large breeds can be taken for children over 14 years old. So parents call to monitor

Answer No. 10:

Boxer - the most fun dog.

Answer No. 11:

If you did not have a dog yet, it's better not to buy more.
This is a very great responsibility.
Take a walk in the evening with the dogs and follow the pets.

Answer No. 12:

And where will the dog live? In the apartment, in the yard? A large dog in the apartment is a mockery of an animal. It all depends on your ability to care. For example, if Huskies are born to run a lot, pull a sleigh. Can you provide it to her? Forward! You can not - look for a suitable breed

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Answer # 14:

While no need to buy. Until you definitely decide on the breed and you will not have even the slightest idea of ​​the temperament of several of the rocks.

Answer No. 15:

If you want an unusual, then take shar-pee. Minus only one, they are allergic. He needs to immediately show who is in the house owner, so that he does not begin to build his hierarchy. I have a Shar-Pei knot. Very clever and well guarded, people in the street are afraid. I will say right away if you decided to take such a dog, then only if you decide exactly what it is. They are very devoted and only one family.

Answer # 16:

I like awfully Newfoundland and Serbernar, very good and kind dogs

Answer # 17:

Any of the retrievers - Golden, Labra, Straight ...
Zennehund, boxer, bosseron

Answer # 18:

We have such, we are satisfied

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