/ / I want to buy a puppy of the Akita Inu breed, what character do these dogs have? I'm energetic and cheerful, this dog will help me

I want to buy a puppy of the Akita Inu breed, what character do these dogs have? I'm energetic and cheerful, this dog will help me

Answer # 1:

With such dogs being energetic and fun little- you need to be firm, dominant, be able to subordinate your dog, have a lot of experience with dogs. Incorrectly brought up akita become a monster, and properly educating it - it's not their lungs. And then, this is a dog for private houses, the apartment will suffer.

Answer # 2:

They must live in the house. Not in the apartment

Answer # 3:

... and if you also hound herself ... why do you even have a dog ?!

Answer # 4:

If there is no experience of communication and growing dogs - it's NO !!!
Akita can, in inexperienced hands, become a real monster !!!
The dog is independent, cheerful and bold. Education requires perseverance and endurance.
One of the complexities of the breed is the desire to dominate the dog environment. Her high fighting qualities at the same time are used as much as possible

Answer # 5:

In the apartment they really will be hard. And the dog is not a toy, wayward, requires long walks, physical activities and serious training. Better already then Sibu. Although also not a gift!

Answer No. 6:

They need to walk a lot of dogs in 4 walls though the quietest sum will come down and in general the dog is not aggressive

Answer No. 7:

The main thing that would still be a discepin and training. Dogs are dominant. They can easily sit on their necks, but it will not be nice to sit down.
Would not advise this breed to the novices.
At the expense of the house or apartment is all nonsense. The main thing that would give the dog a good physical load.
Dogs at home just sleep !!! Even Alabai in kopeck piece.

Answer No. 8:

Country of Origin: Japan
Height: 64 - 70 cm (male); 58 - 64 cm (female)
Weight: 40 - 45 kg (male); 32 - 45 kg (female)
Content in the apartment: suitable, but needs sufficient physical activity
Lifespan: 10 to 12 years
Well suited: for experienced owner
Character of Akita Inu
Akita Inu possesses a good character thatMakes them an excellent animal for the family. They are known as quiet dogs that bark only when it is required. Many fans of this breed say that the Akita Inu is made to feel relaxed and calm, so they help people cope with stress.
In addition to the calm, sociable nature, Akita Inu is known for its cleanliness, some people compare them to cats for lack of smell and clean appearance.
Dogs of the Akita Inu breed are very patient and faithful, get along well with children and are inclined to protect them.
However, since akita-inu possessProprietary, as well as hunting instincts, it is desirable to accustom them to communicate with other animals at an early age. Akita Inu, who grew up with other animals, cats or dogs, will get along well with them in the future, but without early socialization they can be aggressive towards other pets, especially dogs of the same sex.
Very loyal Akita Inu are powerful defenders, which makes them good watchmen.
Akita Inu is an intelligent and calm dog, but alsoTime is independent and has a strong will, so training such a dog may not be a simple matter. This breed is better suited for people with a certain level of experience in keeping large dogs.
Akita Inu can be very stubborn and assertive and if she does not get enough physical exertion or is bored, can become destructive or difficult to control. .

Care for Akita Inu
Akita Inu has a beautiful medium-length wool with a soft undercoat. You need to take care of such hair approximately once a week.
The wool of the Akita Inu breed does not shear orTrimming. This breed very strongly sheds, fortunately, this period usually lasts only a few weeks and happens twice a year. During moulting, it is recommended to take care of the dog's hair daily. Dogs of this breed who live indoors or in a cool climate usually shed less
Keep in mind that akita-inu can not be bathed too often. Otherwise, the dog's fur can lose waterproofing properties.
Despite the fact that the question of whichPhysical activity requires Akita Inu remains the subject of discussion, a large courtyard with a fence is considered an ideal living condition for this breed of dog. Akita-inu are strong dogs and, as a rule, easily cope with the movement of weights, such as sledding, etc. However, it is important to bear in mind that puppies of akita-inu at the age of less than 18 months should not be allowed to pull a large The amount of weight, as their bones and joints are still not completely formed.
It is best to give Akita-Inu the opportunityExercise yourself. Akita Inu like to jump, run and play when they want it. You can play with your dog toys that will encourage her to run and play.
If akita-inu is kept in an apartment, then sheRequire regular and prolonged physical exertion. When you get enough exercise, the dogs of this breed will be calm and obedient.

Answer No. 9:

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Answer No. 10:

Actually, I did not deal with this breed, but the reviewsI heard mostly positive. Very intelligent, energetic and beautiful dog. Of course, with the character, but the pugilism can even show pug. If it is properly brought up - the dog is wonderful.

Answer No. 11:

Under this dress is not present and a varnish corresponding or meeting on fingernails or nails pick up, but in general it to the Zverev he the expert.

Answer No. 12:

No, this breed can live in an apartment. At me room and it is not bad to her

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