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What kind of dog does not bark?

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Bassenji - the only dog ​​in the world, "in the lexicon" which has no traditional "gav"

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It is considered that bassenzhi

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The silent dog xD

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Is there such a thing?

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The Basenji are depicted on bas-reliefs in the tombs of the pharaohs, their figurines are found, as are the dogs in the tombs of the pharaohs. These dogs were buried with amazing honors.
In the tomb, not far from the sarcophagus, there were carefully embalmed basenji.
The mummies of these dogs were wrapped in silk and decorated with precious stones.
But the birthplace of these dogs is not Egypt, but the centralAfrica. Warriors or travelers from the lower reaches of the Nile took these dogs with them as precious gifts. In the middle of the XIX century, the researchers found these dogs in the Congo and Southern Sudan.
The first dogs were brought to England in 1895. But, alas, they died, being unable to cope with the diseases that the Old World awarded them.
The second attempt of 1937 was a success. And Europe recognized the Basenji (a forest dog from the Congo) or as they were also called an African forest dog, a Lagos forest dog, a bongo terrier, a Congo terrier, a nyam-nyam-nyam terrier. After the Kraft exhibition in 1937, the breed was recognized as a Basenji.
Since 1941, these dogs began to breed in the United States.
You can read many versions of originRocks, but they are all just speculations. Here is one version: Basenji (a forest dog from the Congo) inhabiting the territories of Congo, Sudan, Liberia; Similar dogs are found in the Malayan jungle and north of Kathmandu. There is an opinion based on the external appearance that the Basenji derives its origin from the Spitz-shaped dogs, but others believe that this breed originated from Central African dogs - pariahs. These dogs were also found in Congo, Southern Sudan.
Basenji - dogs below average height (height inWithers for a male 43 cm, weight 11 kg, for bitches - 40.5 cm and weight 9.5 kg). It is a slim graceful dog with a light bones, with aristocratic posture, a long legged, slightly shortened format, with a high neck set.
Head with a flat middle forehead width, the muzzle is verySharp, rather long, tapering to the tip of the nose, barely noticeable transition from forehead to muzzle. Ears pointed, erect, slightly inclined forward, planted high. When the ears are alert, the forehead becomes covered with expressive wrinkles.
The tail is planted very high, so that the ischial knobs are noticeably farther from its base.
It is abruptly twisted into one or two rings and tightPressed to the sacrum or thigh. The coat is short, smooth, close fitting. Color distinctly black and piebald, red-piebald, black and piebald with a tan, with marks above the eyes, on the muzzle and cheekbones; Fire-red, tiger-red main background, with black stripes, but with all colors white legs, chest, often neck and tip of the tail. At home, in Zaire, there are basenji of marble color.
The dog is very harmonious, graceful. The behavior is quite excitable, the character is cute and affectionate towards the person; The dog is curious and mischievous, but with dogs it is inclined to engage in a fight. . This is a very independent animal. The dog is very energetic, stubborn, with a huge sense of self-worth.
These dogs differ in that they do not know how to bark. They are not silent, they can growl, squeal, their feelings express snorts or melodic howls.
At home in Congo, Southern Sudan, dogs of this breed are used as a paddock hunting dog for small game. A hunter who has several dogs of this breed is considered a very well-off person.
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Yes, in principle, Pug does not bark. So. Grunts.

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Well, in general Bassenji and Labrador ... but now bred Labradors all to whom not laziness ... so they even bite ..

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Malamutes rarely bark and bull terriers

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Bassenji they do not bark

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Bassenji, yes, does not bark, but publishes many different other interesting sounds :)

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Bassenji African non-moving dog)

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Bernese Mountain Dog, such a phlegm. On the street or at exhibitions, he passes by silently. Well, at the exhibitions all adequately behave, but this silence is terribly angry. Although he reacts to them on his = tail.

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