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Diseases of the French Bulldog: allergies, dermatitis, eye diseases

In addition to the main set of diseases that pose a danger to all dogs, the French bulldog has an increased risk of developing certain diseases.

Diseases of the eye

The French are the FrenchThe protruding eyes, slightly protruding from the orbits. Such a bright exterior feature is capable of creating many problems, for example, eyes can easily be damaged on a walk about protruding branches, an organ can suffer in a fight with other dogs. In addition to accidents, French bulldogs often develop conjunctivitis: infectious eye disease.

The most common diseases of the French bulldog and methods of their treatment

Symptom of this disease are purulentDischarge from the eyes, the eyelids become swollen and redden. Means against conjunctivitis are many, but at random they should not be selected. The microbes that cause the disease are many, and first you need to take an analysis to determine which one triggered the disease, and then buy the corresponding eye drops. An unpleasant disease is the loss of the third century, but cope with it is often much easier than with long-term conjunctivitis.

Experienced breeders of French bulldogs have learnedSolve this problem yourself and can fix this trouble at home. If you are even afraid to look at the sick eye of your pet, not to mention correcting the problem with your own hands, you should contact the veterinary clinic. Moreover, in some cases, the eyelid can only be corrected surgically.


French Bulldogs create with very gentleSkin prone to various dermatitis. Especially often they are troubled by a fold on the face, for which you need careful care. If there is accumulated moisture or remain food particles, then immediately begin the symptoms of dermatitis:

  • redness,
  • irritation,
  • Itching.

French bulldogs are concerned about interdigitalDermatitis, which affects the pads on the paw, the inflammation covers and the claw. According to breeders' observations, dermatitis is especially common for light dogs or spotty French, and the disease appears on light areas. Although, of course, and the dark French are not immune from such trouble.

Problems with breathing

All dogs with short muzzle are experiencing difficultiesWith breathing. The French are worried about shortness of breath, and their owners - the snoring of their dear pets. But there are also more serious problems: brachycephalic respiration caused by the pathological structure of the larynx and nostrils. Normally, the French breathe almost noiselessly, making hoarse sounds only with active movement and excitement.

But with brachycephalic breathing, the dog breathes very muchNoisy, and each breath is given to her with difficulty. In particularly difficult cases, the dog begins to suffocate. Solve the problem can only surgery, when the trachea is released from the larynx tissue or the too long palate is cut. Sometimes breathing problems are associated with seasonal heat or overweight.


French bulldogs are more likely than other breedsThere are pathological abnormalities in the structure of the spine: the appearance of semi-vertebra and the change in intervertebral discs. This structure of the spine is dangerous because any unsuccessful jump in the dog can lead to serious complications:

  • Intervertebral hernia,
  • Displacement of vertebrae.

Also, the location next to two semi-vertebrae weakens the spine, can cause its curvature, provoke severe pain in the back, atrophy of the hind limbs.


The most common diseases of the French bulldog and methods of their treatment

French bulldogs often observeAn allergic reaction to food and the environment. For this reason, it is easier for the owner to feed the dog with the same dry food than making a menu of different natural products, at the risk of causing allergies. Less common is an allergic reaction to environmental factors:

  • dust,
  • Pollen of plants,
  • Insect bites.

Symptoms of allergies look the same:

  1. redness,
  2. Itching,
  3. Change of the skin,
  4. hair loss.

Difficult childbirth

Females of French Bulldogs belong to the groupRisk during delivery. Puppies are born with large heads, for this reason it is often necessary to do bitches by cesarean section. This operation is complicated by the fact that French bulldogs do not tolerate anesthesia.

Newborn puppies require increased care andAttention, and weakened by difficult births, the mother is not always ready to begin her duties. Therefore, the breeding of French bulldogs - this is not an easy task, requiring the owners of bitches a lot of time, patience and professionalism.

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