/ I want to get a dog of the breed of husky. Tell me what her character is

I want a Husky breed dog. Tell me what her character is

Answer # 1:

The character is heavy.
95% of what the house will blow up - it will chew everything that can be broken, and so on.
Poorly succumb to training.
They run away.
Not as loyal as other breeds.
It takes a lot of walking, no less than 4 hours a day.
To go in for sports in any case.
Strong pulls the leash and the team listens not always.
They are better off living in the country, but in principle they are accustomed to the apartment, if they walk a lot.
If the apartment - should be a cage - so that the house is not smashed.
Are expensive, with good content.
Poorly accustomed to the toilet on the street if they do not live in the house (if the house is better enclosure, and alternate with the room, but this is a personal choice)
They often howl.
It's boring for one Husky to live, they need a pack, so almost everyone has a second, third husky, etc.
They do not smell of dog even after the rain.
They do not bite, if you handle it with course in moderation (do not reach, do not yank at the tail, etc.)
They almost do not bark.
They love children and get along well with them.
And in the end, the dog will occupy most of the time, is the person ready for all this .... question.

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Answer # 3:

Awesome. She is saving up

Answer # 4:

But this one. .
Think before you start!

Answer # 5:

On the sofa want to keep it? Or are the sleds stagnant? If there is a sofa, and there is no sledge, then you do not have to start it.

Answer No. 6:

1) The Siberian husky dog ​​is cautious andAttentive, but not too suspicious of strangers and aggressive towards other dogs. Therefore, husky dogs are not for protection, besides they lack a possessive instinct and they can easily share what they have with others.

It is a breed of independent thinkers, the free spirit of the husky makes them related to the wolves. However, in nature they are more like cats.

Sometimes husky they can be a bit stubborn. But well-trained Siberian husky are wonderful companions and close friends of children.

Siberian husky is a quiet dog, not so often you canHear her barking. Despite this, some husky are talkative enough, they make special soft sounds when they want to say that they are happy. Siberian Husky is a very grateful breed of dogs.

2) Husks are freedom-loving, so walk the HuskyBetter in fenced areas or on a tape with a long ribbon. If you still decide to release your husky from a leash, you will have to teach his team "to me" from the very childhood and do it every day to achieve the perfect performance of the team. But remember that this breed is very friendly and your dog can run to get acquainted with other dogs, such acquaintance can be dangerous for the husky, so the dog in the "free flight" should be manageable. This does not mean that you need to protect Husky from dating, it is better to first learn from the owner about the nature of his dog. It is desirable to let go of the Huskies away from roads and people, better outside the city. Also these dogs like to pull, so the team "next" will also need to pay special attention. For husky training, clicker training is an excellent choice.

3) Husky - graceful, frisky, hard-working andExtremely hardy dog. Medium in size, friendly, calm, with tact and independent character. Given this last quality, the trainer should show maximum patience. She is restrained in emotions, possesses strong nerves and a sense of tact. Despite its incredulity, it is not aggressive to either people or relatives, and does not possess the protective instincts of a guard dog. By nature, husky is very clean, does not smell of dog, easily adapts to any conditions of life.
But the Husky is present instinct vagrant, which forces the owners to tightly control their pets.

Thanks to his temperament, endurance,Immunity to diseases and excellent adaptability to different climatic conditions the Huskies use not only as a first-class athlete (sleigh race), but also a perfect companion, ready to accompany the owner on a journey to very long distances.

Attention to all dog owners: you have the opportunity to make a page of your favorite animal. To do this, just send all the information to the "Leash".

Answer No. 7:

A good choice.
But, there is one "BUT". Husky-dog is not for an apartment, she likes to howl.
And does it several times a day. By nature, she is independent, does not like training, and clever. And it's very expensive ...

Answer No. 8:

Friendly and calm, but alive with it.
The dog is categorically not suitable forUse as a hunting (hunting, but does not bring prey), guard (the instinct of the protection of the territory is minimized) and guard (in the norm these dogs completely lack aggression on the person). The dog is too independent, so it's bad for the role of the service.
Attempts to unblock aggression againstPeople usually end up with a dog with a disturbed psyche that, with the physical capabilities of this dog, poses a huge danger to others. This breed can not be strictly used as a guard.
Siberian Husky easily settles in a new place andNot bad suited for housing content. Recently, this breed has become very popular due to its unusual appearance. However, the Huskies require great physical activity, long walks and regular "charging for the mind" (obedience, frisbee, agility [5], trips to new places for dogs, etc.)
Siberian husky have a propensity to flee. In addition, they are excellent diggers and jump well, which complicates their retention within the fenced area.

Answer No. 9:

Very stubborn and difficult to control, according toAt least all the huskies in our park are such, maybe the owners with them are so "well" engaged, but still they are in their park, their 5, 4 walk only on a leash, and at 5 the owner scored and she walks by himself, At the end of the walk, he just looks around the park, finds it and goes home ....

Answer No. 10:

I support Anastasia Muranov

Answer No. 11:

The girl, here in 3 000 characters can not keep up)))))
You are strongly advised not to be lazy and study this forum from cover to cover
Well, if it's short, then ....
Most often very active dogs (agas, notForget forgetting what for, although there are also phlegmes, but less often of course), like to run, run, and besides, that would run, pull: D And do it yourself, too, like and do it quite often (on the forum look at the lost / Found ... how many dogs there are), but everything from the fact that the dogs are VERY self-sufficient, wayward and with their opinions on everything. There are even such (as a rule this is the Pts dominant dogs), which completely do not care about their master. They are on their own. But they love everyone and everything. Very friendly dogs, from which they can not be used as service dogs. True males recently often with such characters that they always find out their relationship.
They love children, although it has already been said that they loveEverything and everything. They do not like to stay alone, these dogs are schooly, sociable, they like to have at least one living soul in the form of a grinning grandmother, yes there is. Often owners are faced with the problem of howling during their cool down. In general, a dog, if you are going to leave one, you need to accustom yourself to loneliness from early childhood. Many people start a second dog for the company (gyy, although sometimes it does not help, but turns into a symphonic orchestra).
On the bill of an apartment, at home ... in general where can and can not live the husky.
I inform you that shoshi beautifully areUrban living conditions. Actually finding the whole day of a dog in an enclosure differs from finding a dog in an apartment, only by the fact that the apartment is larger in area and by weight. Well and of course the dogs that live in the countryside, that in the apartments should be well-ventilated properly, so that pogroms and pogruzes of your property (And found and + aviary - do not chew your things during your absence, but can overstuff a waste and dump) was not.
At the expense of dressing does not agree with the above written. They succumb to training well, but with the execution of the team they are in no hurry. I tell the dogs with their opinion on everything. They want to make a wish, they will not want to.

Answer No. 12:

NATURE PERSISTENT NORTHERN. . Likes to travel (vagrancy in the blood), howl and pull you, how budno you sledge. . By the way, NARTES have got? I can cede my inexpensive ..)

Answer # 13:

Ivan is very fun)))) I'll add more. Males are very prone to escape.

Answer # 14:

If you live in an apartment, then it is not worth it, thisThe dog needs the will to move, at least it is desirable to have its own site, they are very mobile, so you need space, think about it before infringing on the nature of the dog, it's not a flock of people

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