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How to start training a puppy.

Answer # 1:

Training puppy teams begin with the first month. At such a tender age, you will teach the puppy the simplest, but extremely necessary commands. Training takes relatively little time, most of it the kid will play and move a lot.

In puppyhood, train all the commonCourse is still useless, because all the thinking activity of the puppy is busy with pranks and anything else but not obedience to the master. Therefore, let the puppy be a child, you will always manage it. Now is the time to prepare so that when the puppy grows up educate him immediately for more complex teams and be much more demanding.

So, now you will learn how to accustom the puppy toTeams, but in order not to write all the subtleties of training to each team, for your convenience, there are links that contain all the details of the training. Just go to them to find out more.

Answer # 2:

To wear sneakers

Answer # 3:

Start with simple commands, well, there you have to sit, teach the team to me first, and then many problems will be

Answer # 4:

Training begins in 3.5-4 months. Previously, the puppy simply will not understand what they want from him. It all starts with reading the literature.

Answer # 5:

Teach the team "to me", "place." Later the rest can be taught

Answer No. 6:

Learn to focus the dog's attention on yourself. To further training and cohabitation were successful - the first thing a dog should understand is that all the best in her life is connected with the owner. Food, toys (which are given only for playing with the owner), walks, weasel, protection and safety.
Up to 4 months the puppy should adore you and strive to follow you everywhere. Then problems with obedience will not be - the dog will be happy to do something that you want.
From the teams - up to 4 months, onlyNickname on nickname. All the rest - "To me", "To sit", "To lie", "Fu" - in an easy game manner, and unquestioning performance in any conditions is yet to be achieved. Will do this at home, playing with you - wonderful.
Punish at this age only for the pain caused to people in the game.

Answer No. 7:

At the breed forum, to study the division-upbringing, and from 3 to 4 months. On the platform to the instructor

Answer No. 8:

With detailed talks with the breeder of your puppy, you will all be described in detail with what and how to begin

Answer No. 9:

Teach the easiest commands, like "sit, lie, voice, fu" and all that sort ..

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