/ / Why does a dog eat cat food and does not want to eat a cat and a dog does not eat it? What should I do?

Why does a dog eat a cat's food and does not want to eat a cat and a dog does not eat it? What should I do?

Answer # 1:

Feed the dog feline, and vice versa
If they like, let them eat, and it happens after all

Answer # 2:

They are from the same raw material

Answer # 3:

Animals should have a clear separation. For example, a bowl of a cat can be put on a curb or something like that where only a cat will get. And put the dog in the room, in which only the dog will start, and there's simply nothing to do with the cat. They want / do not want, but they will eat with hunger. The main thing is to show where the bowl is.

Answer # 4:

Share. Pick up a dog more suitable food, since this does not suit her. The cat is okay, let the Izrek regale from the dog's bowl, but dogs should not be given cat food because of the added taurine producers and high protein content. Than is fraught - look under the link http://dogsecrets.ru/korm-dlya-sobak/979-mojno-li-sobake-koshachii-korm.html

Answer # 5:

We had the same problem with the dog. I always ate cat food, then got sick a little. Gradually graduated:
1) In the food that he eats, gradually added the one that he NEEDS. In the end, he stopped.
2) If the dog smelled the wrong fodder, and the other, then just switched to another food, and a bowl of cat food was left somewhere higher so that it did not climb.
3) Probably the most cruel, but working, is if you simply put a bowl of dog food in the place where your dog is eating. If you do not eat, do not worry. Zaochet-will eat.
And with cats a bit more complicated.
1) Can be the same as with dogs.
2) If the cat continues to eat dog food, then put the dog food in places where cats do not usually go.
3) It is also possible, as in dogs. Do not worry, cats can live without food for 5 days.)

Answer No. 6:

Feed separately, in different rooms, for example.
As for the dog - put a bowl of food,10-15 minutes did not eat, the bowl was removed, and until the next feeding, or what not to give, even a treat. Of course, if the dog does not eat for a long time, for example, a couple of days, it is possible that the matter is in the stern itself. There is only one option - to change the feed to another.
About the cat, almost the same thing to do.

Answer No. 7:

The composition is inappropriate. Do not let others eat. With the dog is easier-given food, not eaten, cleaned before. Times. Koshaks can show off for a long time ... as an option, put a cat bowl in a place inaccessible to the dog.

Answer No. 8:

Change the food so that your dog likes it. I picked it up like that - I buy Bosch Sanabelle cat, dog - Bosch, I feed at once - each other now do not steal.

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