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Dry food for a French bulldog, price, reviews

French bulldogs have turned into decorative dogs, but at the genetic level, these are all the same tireless fighters and guards who require adequate feeding.

Do not expect to get an exemplary grownThe Frenchman on porridge or scraps from the table. These dogs need a balanced dry food, but not every bright bag of food will suit them. A feature of the breed is the structure of the jaws, which necessarily need to process not only food of a soft consistency, but also solid food.

Croquettes in dry food for this purpose is idealFit. Also, French bulldogs need feeds with a high protein content of animal origin, that is, natural meat. Start the selection of dry food for your pet with an introduction to the composition of the products on the packaging.

We correctly evaluate the composition of dry food

What kind of dry food to feed a French bulldog

If you see among the main ingredientsWheat, corn and soy and do not watch meat products, then this is not the best option for your pet. Such food will be cheaper, but it will also have a lower biological value. But at the same time, there are a lot of advertising tricks of feed manufacturers that you should know about.

For example, a feed under the conventional name "MeatDinner "or" Meat assortment "can contain as much as 25% of meat, and 5%. If you see that the meat content is 20%, and the content of rice and soybeans, together exceeds 40%, then it is clear that such feed can also not be called meat. Cheap food for dogs often differ from each other only by flavoring additives, and not by composition. The French bulldog can not be thin, it will look ugly, but it can not be overeated because of the propensity to obesity.

Dry food based on soy dogs are saturatedSlower. That is, it must be eaten much more to satisfy hunger, so you can often see two extremes: a French bulldog, obese from an overabundance of cheap dry food or, conversely, a lean Frenchman, whom the owner feeds in accordance with the dosage on the package and does not understand why His dog looks so deplorable.

Dry food with meat products contentHigh calorie, it is quickly absorbed, has a constant composition of ingredients, does not lead to increased feces formation. In addition, dry food can not be universal, that is, the manufacturer develops several lines: for puppies, for juniors, for dogs with increased physical activity, for elderly or lactating dogs.

There are special medicinal and dietary foods,Which allow you to bring the weight of the French bulldog back to normal, help in the fight against skin and eye diseases. It is not uncommon for a veterinarian to change the nutritional scheme and treat with a special therapeutic diet, together with the treatment of a dog for some illness.

Perfect dry food for a French bulldog

For French bulldogs, it is recommended to choose professional dry food, which are produced by companies specializing specifically on nutrition for dogs. This is premium food:

  • Hills,
  • Royal Kanin,
  • Arden Grunge,
  • Pro Plan,
  • Acana,
  • Ekanuba.

What kind of dry food to feed a French bulldog

More expensive and quality products areSuper premium foods, in which the volume of nutritional value and the value of food reaches a maximum per unit weight. But here the choice is made by each owner himself: some praise and more affordable premium fodder, not seeing in them significant differences from expensive fodder.

The only caveat is to avoidCheap feed, which is produced as a co-product by grain processing plants. Their nutritional value for the dog is minimal, and utility is questionable. The owners of the French bulldogs note that dogs are constantly feeling hungry at such food, they have problems with their teeth, they are less energetic and active than their counterparts who feed on more caloric dry food.

If you feed your Frenchman with dry food, thenDo not give him natural products, including fresh meat. This approach will lead to a violation of the balance of substances in the body and cause kidney and liver diseases.

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