/ / 1. Is it possible to feed the dog (chihuahua, 1 year) ONLY with meat canned food without dry food?

1. Is it possible to feed a dog (chihuahua, 1 year) ONLY with canned meat without dry food?

Answer # 1:

Producer of feeds and gives similar recommendations(Feed canned and dried one brand) or a breeder who produces non-quality dogs, gives them for normal. A normal dog is not particularly demanding, the owner is not demanding, not only in terms of nutrition. So look at your dog. If allergies, diarrhea and the like like your dog is inherent, then, of course, it is worth taking a special attitude to the nutrition of this particular individual.

Answer # 2:

no no no
Plant a liver!
Feed the drying.
I feed my chihuahu Royal Cannin, the flight is just excellent. It looks chic, gives birth to puppies.
This food is bad for cats. And for dogs excellent.

If you are also against the RK, like many here (I do not understand why), then Hills is a good food. Completely!

Answer # 3:

No you can not.

Answer # 4:

If the dog is suitable, then you can. Canned foods contain not only meat usually. And if canned food without GMOs, preservatives and dyes ...

Answer # 5:

If canned food can be full, if this extra food is like a treat, you can not.

Answer No. 6:

Canned food and dry one producer is a myth. Most of the popular brands are simply the most hideous canned food! At the price of the wing from the plane.
Canned food differs from dry food only% Moisture content. You can feed the dog with canned food, if it is a full-fledged diet, with enough protein and fat. Most canned foods are positioned as an additional diet, just because of low rates.

For a full-fledged diet, such firms as Berkeley, Belkando, Evangers are quite suitable. You can focus on their% component.

Answer No. 7:

And what's the point? Buy waste of meat production at a price several times the price of whole meat that is used. Yes, and a chicken. She needs one spoonful of food. Feed the normal raw meat.

Answer No. 8:

I can advise a good article with your problem

But if in short, then yes - you can feed without dry.
Alternate the natural food with canned food.

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