/ / Voit the dog atest at night. The family says that it started only posture-yesterday. What to do? And what does it mean when a dog howls

Voit the dog ate at night. The family says that it started only posture-yesterday. What to do? And what does it mean when a dog howls

Answer # 1:

Wants to eat

Answer # 2:

It does not mean when the dog is talking! Boring to her!

Answer # 3:

Dogs howl because of the deceased in the house or nearby: they smell a cadaveric smell.

Answer # 4:

In the apartment howling? Or on a chain a dog? More often howling chain. The psyche is broken from such content

Answer # 5:

As a dog contain? Apartment, house, enclosure, chain? How much does a dog walk a day on a leash and without outside his yard? How much time do you spend on training? Games?
If the dog stupidly sits in a court yard of the type "guarded"And sees the owner 2 times a day with a bowl in his hands, then from this life I will conquer. If she is busy all day, you spend a lot of time with her and practice, she sleeps next to your bed and still wails at night, then waking up and submitting a prohibiting team is not so difficult. And in the morning check the health of the dog from a veterinarian

Answer No. 6:

If she howls, then she wishes death to someone in theHouse. It is necessary to remember - who attacked her tail, who kicked, who gave the wrong bone, who strokes the cat, and not her, the dog. Mastitis. To do this, and lead in the house of dogs. To prepare and buy a coffin in advance.

Answer No. 7:

What does the dog howl about?

Why does the dog howl
Sitting on a chain?
Why does the dog howl?
Come here, ask.

Maybe she wants to run around
Freely on the fields.
Maybe she just wants to
Lie in the bushes.

To chase the baby - the mouse,
Il catch up with the cat.
Let it sit on the tree
Kotyara until the morning.

Why does the dog howl?
Can be singing?
Ile hello to my friends
So does it convey?

Recalls his childhood,
Youth, love.
Dog, what to meet
For a long time dreams again.

Those puppies that did not have time
Even lick it.
Why does the dog howl?
It is difficult for us to say.

Maybe in memory of the ancestors,
What in the woods live.
The wolves of her grandfathers
In Russia they call.

Maybe the dog boasts
About his fate.
Naturally, they say, it's warm, cozy,
At the courtyard to me.

What is quite spacious booth,
I'm loved by everyone.
Everybody wants to pet me
Do not pass by.

Why does the dog howl
Sitting on a chain?
You're asking this stupid question,
Do not come near her.

You climb like a bitch in a box,
And snap the chain.
And start with her eyes
You look at the world.

This and this will clear up
In a strange fate.
And you probably know
Something about myself.

And you will understand at once,
How should she live?
On whom they want to bark,
With whom it is necessary to be friends.

You thought you were incorruptible,
You do not take bribes.
A dog will be, immediately
Much you will understand.

Honest, proud, do not cry,
What do you want to say.
And in the dog's skin,
And the tail will wave.

Why does the dog howl?
How to learn about that?
For the dog her booth
The best house.

That's howling ahead,
- "Do not enter the house,
And with evil intentions,
Pass by by. "

After all, the dog at the farmstead <
Watchman at the porch.
On the gait recognize
Will manage a scoundrel.

And dogs, so that strangers
They ran past.
On her live - being
So as not to infringe.

Reluctance of his box,
With someone to share,
I want my own
For the mistress to be.

Why does the dog howl?
You can, guess.
But you can not, go away,
And do not bother to sing to her.

We could not howl the dogs
Rarely can be heard howling.
Stopped being a dog
By itself.

Only those who live in flocks,
Traditions are stored.
Why do dogs howl?
What do they want to say?

I have a dog pack
In the yard he lives,
Five dogs and each
About his sings.

Manyasha, she is the oldest,
He likes to teach everyone,
And you do not have to argue with it,
She needs to sing along.

And her daughter, Malyoka,
Mother will support everything.
And barks with her, and howls,
Can not refuse.

The little girl is jolly,
That howls. Brighter than all,
In any canine choir
Its success awaits.

Dog Boy rarely howls,
He does not like to bitch.
But her friends can not
He does not support.

The huge Chernyava,
That howls from the heart.
Though beat her on the pope,
Tie the muzzle.

Dogs live with me,
I live among them.
The fate we have now is one,
One for six.

And maybe one day,
I, too, will learn.
I will conquer, and I will,
And I'll settle in the booth.

And then I find out
I'm certain.
What the dog howls about,
About what she sings.

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