/ / What is a better person than a dog?

What is a man better than a dog?

Answer # 1:

Yes, practically nothing. The person has developed intelligence, imagination, has the ability to make plans for the future. But only often all these qualities are not directed at good deeds. Not just a person is considered the most dangerous animal on earth: it is spread everywhere, it multiplies rapidly, there are practically no methods of fighting against it (from illnesses it invents medicines), it is capable of destroying entire species.
And the set of physical qualities - in general, no difference: pain, hunger, cold, fear, the need for affection, the desire to protect their offspring - both people and dogs experience.

Answer # 2:

Rather, a man is worse than a dog.
The dog will not harm anyone without a reason.

Answer # 3:

Bark does not bite much and does not bite so often

Answer # 4:

Well, a dog is an average of 30 kg of meat, and a person is 70-80. In a hungry year, a person is twice as good as a dog)))

Answer # 5:

Intelligence and reason, which some allow not only to shit, but also to "serve" for good. ;)

Answer No. 6:

Debatable question ... In some respects the dog is undoubtedly better!

Answer No. 7:

A person is not better, just a dog addition, a patch that makes a person different. The question is not who is better, the question is, one, or a pair. Duet. A flock.
Belonging to something, not a brew from your own G ...

Answer No. 8:

The man is the same animal as the dog ... Only more thoughtful, and developed in terms of intelligence. A dog in any case is better than a man, at least by the fact that he can live on the street without food. Or in the forest, for example. A person try to live on the street, they will find that they will be forcibly sent to the orphanage, and the dog will remain at large.

Answer No. 9:

It's hard to compare ... People and dogs are very different, so in order to answer this question you need to imagine a bank of ketchup and an apple - you can compare, but the answers will turn out strange ...

Answer No. 10:

Nothing is better. From man one harm - and nature, and the earth, and the same as he, individuals.

Answer No. 11:

My cat said that a man is better than a dog because he loves cats. And whoever is not any cat, is worse than a dog.

Answer No. 12:

He does not bark does not bite. And does not throw at cats. And women's zero attention. This is education

Answer # 13:

In humans, there is nothing good-a dog is better.

Answer # 14:


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