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How to train a puppy (a month and a half)

Answer # 1:

Training puppy teams begin with 2 months. At such a tender age, you will teach the puppy the simplest, but extremely necessary commands. Training takes relatively little time, most of it the kid will play and move a lot. At the puppy age, it is useless to train the entire general course, because the whole thinking activity of the puppy is busy with pranks and anything else but not obedience to the master. Therefore, let the puppy be a child, you will always manage it. Now is the time to prepare (read the literature on training, watch the video in the YouTube ...) so that when the puppy grows up immediately educate him on more complex commands and be much more demanding.
Accustom until the name. Name the nickname of the puppy and entice him to a treat, a toy or a bowl of food - soon he will happily escape hearing his name. Over time, the nickname will be used more to address the attention of the dog (which is not very much what you need) to the owner, since the nickname will be replaced by the command "to me."

Answer # 2:

Well, while he basically wants to play ...
But slowly "To me", Sit, Lie, Give a paw - you can start practicing ... Without fanaticism
Really - after 4 months ...

Answer # 3:

While in the form of a game, the training videos are full in the internet

Answer # 4:

Communication in the form of a game.He lies, the owner says to "lie down" and gives a treat. Hoz beckons the puppy "to me!" , He runs up, hoz strokes him, says affectionate words, encourages him with delicacy. But at 1.5 months he is too small, but the principle and meaning remains.

Answer # 5:

You can teach the mostLight teams only (as you already have a man said this above, "To me", Sit, lie ... Let grow up, at least to 3.5-4 months, then fully can train) Good luck to you)

Answer No. 6:

So is the same as an adult dog. The main thing is to interest the puppy so that he is interested. Show that training is a game.

Answer No. 7:

After five months, but for now play

Answer No. 8:

Khe-khe! What kind of training ?? Blah, he must suck for up to three months.

Answer No. 9:

Motivating to the desired actions, voicing the team and fixing the promotion

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