/ / What breed of dog to choose protection at home is a child other than fighters large plot in winter cold

What kind of dog to choose a house guard there is a child other than the fighters large plot in winter cold

Answer # 1:

Whichever dog you choose, it's absolutely necessary to do with any dog.
If you really need protection of the territory - do not even think of taking labrys or collies! These are not guards.
A child and a dog are a separate topic. Any dog ​​should be taught to treat the child correctly. Any child needs to learn how to behave properly with a dog!
There are no magic dogs, remember that! Lassie and Rex are just fictional characters. And not a single dog will automatically become a super-dog. This requires a lot of patience and years of training.
Good luck to you.

Answer # 2:

SAO, KO, YURO, the Moscow watchdog ...

Answer # 3:

Moscow watchdog-powerful, insensitive to cold and adequate in behavior

Answer # 4:

I would have looked narrowly at alabayke ,.

Answer # 5:

Husky, husky

Answer No. 6:

Hungarian kuvas is kind, and an excellent caretaker, winter wool is enough :)

Answer No. 7:

RUSSIAN BLACK TERRIER, SAO, CO, YURO, Moscow watchdog, marem, leonberger. Briard, Tibetan Mastiff, Spanish Mastiff

Answer No. 8:

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Answer No. 9:

At me tozh the child of 2 years, and in protection at me two Caucasian sheep-dogs, the main thing them correctly to bring up and then there will be no unforeseen incidents.

Answer No. 10:

Eastern European Shepherd Dog, the best dog for protection and for a family with a child!))

Answer No. 11:

To protect a private house in our conditions, a Caucasian shepherd dog is suitable, but you have to deal with it. It's easier to just take a big mongrel.

Answer No. 12:

German Shepherd is a proven, adequate and reliable option.
And with the exotic one ponty and problems, they have unpredictable behavior.

Answer # 13:

It's strange. Nobody recommended a German shepherd. Although of all listed the most adequate dog and a good watchman. At least in the yard of someone else's will not let it go for sure.

Answer # 14:

If the child
The best
Golden retriever
I strongly advise, they are very well trained, love children, excellent companions
And for protection will suit

Answer No. 15:

Alabai, Caucasian, German Shepherd, Eastern European Shepherd, Moscow watchdog, HRT

Answer # 16:

Can a husky or a labrador?

Answer # 17:


Very silent and thanks to a balanced nature does not cause trouble to the owners and others.
In the US Akita takes part in the competition of dog-bodyguards.
The hunting abilities of the Akita include a sharp eye and a sensitive nose, the ability to move silently and quickly with extraordinary endurance. It is adapted for hunting in deep snow.
Her valued for her intelligence and fearless attitude towards hunting.
Akita Inu is very fond of all family members and theirFriends and enjoys fellowship with a person. Since the earliest times, the Japanese mothers, leaving, left children in the care of Akita. Usually restrained in the manifestation of feelings, Akita will stand up to the last, protecting the family.

Answer # 18:

By the way, the collie is also a sheepdog, onlyScottish. Easy to train for any needs (security, snoop, etc.) and perfectly suits children! Has a luxurious coat that perfectly protects against colds.

Answer No. 19:

If as a zvaonok-pugach, then you can and the courtyard. For serious protection in winter and summer, the best breeds of sheep dogs are best: Caucasian, Central Asian, East European. The most effective is free spying. For rest the dog should have an aviary with a booth. With any of these breeds, it is necessary to engage in EDUCATIONAL PUPPYING of puppies from the age of 4 months under the guidance of the instructor. To shape the image of an enemy should not be less than one-year-old age. Good luck.

Answer # 20:

A lot of information about the CAO breed:
ALABAY AND CHILDREN: http://sherif-aga.ru/deti_i_sredneaziatskie_ovcharki

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