/ / Advise! Than to feed a dog on naturalka? What do you give from vegetables? And with what meat to combine vegetables? With the chicken. Pectorals. can?

Advise! Than to feed a dog on naturalka? What do you give from vegetables? And with what meat to combine vegetables? With the chicken. Pectorals. can?

Answer # 1:

Puppies of any breed aged from 1 to 2 months
It is necessary to feed every 3 hours.

For this age, the variety in feeding is very important.
Once a week, the puppy should be given a raw chicken egg.
Daily monthly puppies should be fed with fresh or boiled vegetables.
Vegetables are served in the form of mashed potatoes or in a crushed condition.
Vegetables can not be neglected, since it contains in its composition
A lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

It is recommended that small puppies give meat in a crushed form
Or scrolled through a meat grinder.
Fish baby is given only in a boiled form and in a purified form.
Porridge (Hercules, wheat, etc.) on meat broth.
Cottage cheese with milk (main drink).

Answer # 2:

Vegetables do not eat
Buckwheat with meat, sometimes with a french or chicken
Breast is
But what about ..

Answer # 3:

More vegetables well, about meat do not forget

Answer # 4:

We cooked the porridge on clear broth and added raw carrots-just a crash behind the ears. A raw dog and so gnawed. Particular preference was carrots, cucumbers, watermelon, persimmon and oranges.

Answer # 5:


Answer No. 6:

Buckwheat, rice cooked with vegetables (cauliflower,Broccoli, carrots), a spoonful of fresh vegetables with olive oil (carrots, zucchini, pumpkin), meat beef or turkey (scalded), quail egg, curdled milk. We do not give chicken-allergy.

Answer No. 7:

My swoon would have fallen .. from the chicken breast ..))). If the dog you have decorative .. then yes .. breast .. The dogs of the office are fed by-products (liver, lung, heart, stomach). Cook with oatmeal or mixtures of cereals, bread, add carrots, nettles, butter and vitamins, chicken egg. Three times a week give raw meat .. on a large bone.

Answer No. 8:

1. Puppy can not be overfed since childhood. Even the most
Small ones can not be fed more than 4 times a day. The biggest expense
Products between the ages of 6 to 10-11 months. About 1.5 - 1.8 kg of food in
Day, depending on the size, loads and weather. Before and after - less.

2. Lure start not earlier than the 4th week of life and at first
Only meat with the addition of a solution of acid-pepsin. If the bitch regularly
Burps food to the puppies itself, then they should not be fed additionally
Up to 1,5-2 months.

3. The principle of separate food for dogs
Is important. Meat should not interfere with anything. Kashi (mushrooms) should be cooked on
Water, add it lamb, beef fat or butter. AT
A ready-made cereal must be added a little unrefined sunflower oil.
Fruit and vegetables, crushed with a mixer, as well as lactic acid products
(In small amounts) you can add to the porridge.

4. You can not
Give the puppy and it is undesirable to give the adult dog a pair of meat. Better
All if the meat is fatter, with a small smell. This is better
Digested. Sometimes, on an empty stomach, it's good to give a little
(3 days of aging in a glass jar, in a warm place). Meat
Should be given to the dog before rest (for example, at night).

You should not get too involved with dairy products, unless cattle, from
Which received milk, is not grazing on natural pastures. On
"Factory" dairy products are not too rare to develop strontium

6. Instead of porridge, "Asians" are well-steamed
Roasted rusks. Every day to give is not necessary, but it is not so harmful to them,
As other dogs. Adapted to flour.

7. From
Plant food is nothing better than peroxidated sauerkraut (by type
The one that was sold in stores in "Soviet times"), as well as raisins,
Dried apricots, sweet apples.

8. If you add raw eggs to food, be sure to whisk them well. Disrupts often disrupt digestion.

Fish "Asians", as a rule, do not like. From the sea it's easier and safer
Just use cod and flounder. Give a couple of times a month is useful, and
Puppies once a week.

10. Puppies 2 times a week, and adults
Dogs once a week should be given a large moss with the remains of meat.
Well, if the mouse for a puppy is sufficient for feeding
Amount of meat. After giving the bone, in the next feeding, the beast must be given
A double portion of sunflower oil.

11. Instead of meat, puppies 2 times a week, and adult dogs up to 5 times a week can be given a scar.

12. Ratio of ration by composition:

- Puppies: meat and meat products from 75% (monthly) to 65% (up to six months);

- To older puppies: meat and meat products 50%;

- adults, depending on the load and condition, 30-50%.

13. Amount of food. Given to the puppy, is determined for the next 2 weeks in the following way:

A hungry puppy is put a bowl with certainly more than it needs,
Amount of food. The bowl is taken away as soon as the puppy begins
The sides are splayed to the sides with false ribs. A portion of the amount eaten will be for
It is sufficient.

Answer No. 9:

Chicken meat contains a large allergen, it canTo accumulate in the dog's body not one day and then pop a dog with a big allergy, loss of hair, skin problems and you will not even understand what it is. I give the organs of chicken ie the liver of the heart of the navel obazhaet, the fish hake, minced beef, the heart beef and light, I try not to press the food in various ways, I necessarily add rice or buckwheat, vegetables so chops behind the ears, cucumber, Likes but after them (liquid stool), citrus in no way impossible.

Answer No. 10:

On naturalka the basis of feeding is raw meat, raw meat by-products, cottage cheese. Vegetables and fruits are given in small quantities as a treat

Answer No. 11:

I have dogs on mixed food, so porridgeI do not use at all. Dogs receive meat and chicken along with bones and giblets. Vegetables - optional. That is, what we eat, then the dogs fall. In this case, vegetables are only seasonal. I do not buy anything from the store because of doubt. In winter, the diet is limited to carrots, cabbage and pumpkin. When fresh vegetables appear, everyone eats everything: green salads, zucchini, squash, cucumber, tomato, berries, fruit. Do not limit, eat as much as they want and what they want. I give milk only rarely, only to puppies and pregnant women. Eggs - when we prepare ourselves, then I remember the dogs. In general, there is no special system. If they recover - I reduce the ration, if I lose weight - I add. Meat is received all daily from 800 grams to one and a half kg - it's big. Trifle I have completely on naturalka. Leavretki, weight from 3 to 5 kg, eat from 100 to 300 grams of meat and bone products.

Answer No. 12:

Most of the owners of dogs, you need to countPlant and show on TV that would not torment the animal; WHAT ARE THE POOR VEGETABLES? Most of the owners of dogs, it is necessary to exterminate, zhivodoryory have bred, there is no money, do not take the animal, fusiliers, fizzy.

Answer # 13:

To carrot meat, apple, pear, pumpkin, zucchini,Beets (rarely), berries, sometimes corn .... varied in general. For 1 kg of meat, apple floor, carrot floor .... + bran + olive oil. Also offal, fish, milk (kefir, fermented baked milk, acidophilus, curdled milk, cottage cheese). We do not give chicken-allergy. Well, 2 times a year for a month, vitamins (during the moult season).

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