/ How many dogs live

How many dogs live

Answer # 1:

Watching what and what care ... Life expectancy up to 15-20 years. (Large breeds, such as St. Bernard, the Great Dane live up to 8-12)

Answer # 2:

Different breeds in different ways, wolfhounds (specifically Irish) on average 6 years, average chips 14-15.
Large dogs usually live less.

Answer # 3:

Different dogs are different. Large dogs live 6-8 years. Shallow 10-16

Answer # 4:

It all depends on the care. Street live a little, and if the dog has good care, then she can live up to 15 years.

Answer # 5:

Depends on size and breed. An average of 9-15 years.

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Answer No. 7:

10-15 years

Answer No. 8:

12 years on average

Answer No. 9:

There are low-lying dog dogs, bloodhounds, small live longer to 18 years. Large around 12.

Answer No. 10:

The average age of 12 years in dogs has long since changed.
Do not live a dog that much.
In a number of breeds, they die as young dogs.

Answer No. 11:

8-13 average

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