/ / Which breed of dogs is the safest, ie friendly to the child?

What breed of dogs is the most safe, ie friendly to the child?

Answer # 1:

Yes there are no safe breeds, any dog ​​hasCanines, which she can apply. It's about the proper education of a dog. And the child too, because some children can so annoy the dog that even the most good-natured dog can not stand and gag. So, both should be brought up - both the child and the dog.

Answer # 2:

Of course, Collie! The most friendly and faithful dogs)))

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Answer # 5:

There are NO such dogs! If you are going to start up, remember these lines !!!

Answer No. 6:

Scottish Collie, Retreat

Answer No. 7:

The safest dog is the one that passed training courses and thoroughbreds most often. If the child does not bring it, which also has a factor

Answer No. 8:

It all depends not on the breed, but on the attitude of the dog toYou. This is a schooling animal, as she will determine the child by rank, and will treat him. My neighbor has a staford bowing before her granddaughter, but God forbid another child will approach her. I had a Shar Pei, like all loved, but if a child came to us, she would hide all her toys and snarl at the baby. Each dog has its own character despite the breed. How to educate, so she will treat the child.

Answer No. 9:

Any dog ​​can be raised so that it will beFriendly. But everyone has teeth and they can bite. Just from different breeds the effects of bites are different ... For my children, the best dog is our pit bull, but our poodleha (she recently died) was a terrible beast ... Everything depends on education ...

Answer No. 10:

Any dog ​​can become dangerous if you get it!
Buy a toy for your child !!! !!
A dog is a responsibility and hard work!

Answer No. 11:

The most friendly is Newfoundland ([Link is blocked by the decision of the administration of the project]), but there are no less friendly breeds such as shar pei, I have one, and my sister was small when I took the puppy to a child, the year, the only thing that does not suit me personally is that they constantly divide toys into a consequence What they are constantly breaking down

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Answer # 13:

Collie or German Shepherd Dog

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Answer No. 15:

The safest - plush - she does not have teeth ..

Answer # 16:

Any breed of dog can be safe and dangerous for the child, it depends on the genes and upbringing of the dog ....

Answer # 17:

What kind of like that and start up just remember thatYou need to bring up well! Teach to observe certain rules in your family for example that something can not be taken that it is possible that something should be brought when someone comes not yet to bark when someone sleeps nibud well, and you yourself will come up with ...

Answer # 18:

According to statistics, golden retrievers bite children less often than all other breeds, even less often than Labradors.

Answer No. 19:

There is no such breed-nurse. With a good upbringing, any dog ​​will do, even a "dangerous, fighting" pit bull.

Answer # 20:

All nonsense (which is safer), IfGoing to take a puppy, remember one thing - you need a good correct training for any breed. In my practice, small breeds also bite children that they went to the hospital (a little belly bustle avenges for a bad attitude toward it), and in large breeds of dogs, children ride and do nothing. And yet - the child clearly needs to be understood, the dog is not a toy, but a living being that hurts and is hurtful and bad.

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