/ / In the breeds of dogs is not strong, so tell what breed was the dog from the movie "Hachiko: the most faithful friend" ???

In the breeds of dogs is not strong, so tell me what breed was the dog from the movie "Hachiko: the most faithful friend" ???

Answer # 1:

Japanese breed of dog Akita-inu. But the photos of the same, the real Hatiko on the history of which the film is based (in the photo he is no longer young ...) And this is a monument of Khatiko, a symbol of the faithfulness of a dog

Answer # 2:

Akita Inu (Japanese breed of dogs).

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Answer # 4:

Akita-inu (yap. 犬 犬 "dog Akita") - a breed of dogs, bred in the province of Akita on the Japanese island of Honshu. Other names: Japanese Akita dog. Ancestors could be Chinese Spitz breeds crossed with mastiffs.

Answer # 5:

Akita Inu

Answer No. 6:

Akita-inu his breed .. awesome movie, and the dog is chic

Answer No. 7:

In this film several times the name of this breed sounds, moreover on DVD from the back it is written that in a role of Hatiko the dog of breed Akita - inu was removed ....

Answer No. 8:

Akita-inu (and Japanese, not American)

Answer No. 9:

Akita is ... only they are not so much for the most part ... rather independent and cold dogs ...

Answer No. 10:

Akita inu

Answer No. 11:

FCI №255

Country of origin:
Height at withers:

Other names: Japan
Males 64-70 cm, females 58-64 cm
Red, white, mottled, red with black tips of hair - all with a characteristic white pattern, a black mask is not permissible
Akita, Akita Inu, Japanese Akita

This ancient breed was bred on the island of HonshuIn the Akita region, from where it got its name. Akita remained unchanged for many centuries, being isolated on one of the Japanese islands.
In ancient times, Akita was used as aWatchdog and fighting dog. In addition, Akita is a great hunter and works great in deer and bear, she has a soft grip and Akita can also be used to hunt waterfowl.
Today Akita is recognized as a national dogJapan and is considered a natural monument of this country. Small souvenirs featuring Akita often give parents of newborn children to wish health and sick people to express their wishes for a speedy recovery.

The first Japanese Akita was brought to the US by a certainHelen Keller, after which the breed became extremely popular in America. In this country, she was bred according to American fashion and tastes, which made a heavier and muscular dog - American akita.
Now these dogs are recognized by FCI as two differentBreeds, there are obvious differences in the standard, size and nature. Akita is obedient, but sometimes spontaneous and independent. She is not just learning, requires consistency and patience in upbringing. She is devoted to the owner and loves the community of people.
This dog is cautious and very affectionate with his family and children. However, do not leave Akita with other children's children - it can be rough with them. Explain to the child that akita can not be teased and bored with it.
Akita is a brave and fearless defender, a magnificent first-class caretaker. She is vigilant and distrustful, never aggressive, but can stand up for herself. Intolerant, cocky and evil to other dogs.

Now Akita is popular as a pet. It is easy to keep in an apartment, it is calm and moderately active indoors. To maintain the form, Akita requires physical activities and exercises.
If you start Akita to protect the countrysideAt home, provide her with a warm kennel and a free stretch for running. Do not in any way hold the akita on the chain, limiting its living space! This dog does not tolerate loneliness and needs close contact with its owner.
Stiff short wool Akita regularly need to comb with a special brush. Twice a year the akita molts, and during the moult it is necessary to comb out excess wool more actively.
It is very often not recommended to wash the akit, as this breaks the natural protective layer. Only in extreme cases you can wash the dog, as it should wash the hair from the shampoo.

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