/ / Hello. Tell everything about the breed of dog Shibu-Inu (Sibu-Inu). You need to know as much as possible.

Hello. Tell everything about the breed of dog Shibu-Inu (Sibu-Inu). You need to know as much as possible.

Answer # 1:

Shiba Inu - a medium-build dog, with a goodDeveloped muscular system, looks like a Spitz. Shiba are very proportionally composed, their height and length are referred to as 10:11. The growth of males varies from 35 cm to 41 cm, and females - from 34 cm to 38 cm. If the growth of the dog exceeds these limits, then it is disqualified. The weight varies according to the height and can reach up to 12 kg. This is a born hunter, very fast and agile.
He has thick wool with a undercoat. Although the standard shiba-inu can be any color, preference is given to red, sand and black with red. On the legs, stomach, chest, partially on the muzzle and tail, the color of white and cream shades.

Shiba-inu, with a spout with a button, smallSharp ears and tail, folded pretzel, as if he understands that he is perfection himself. Fearless character, the mind glowing in slanted eyes, calm nobility - everything says that before you - the KING.

The Japanese describe the character of shiba-inu in three words. The first is kan-i, which means courage and fearlessness in combination with coolness and powerful intelligence. "Kan-i" is opposed to "rios", which means a friendly character and gentle temper. One does not exist without the other. But the charm of shiba-inu is that the Japanese call "sobok" - innocence combined with generosity and generosity. And all together the owners of these dogs describe in one word - irresistibility!

If the shiba-inu could utter one word, then,Most likely, it would be the word "mine". The food is mine, the water is mine, the toys are mine, the sofa is mine, the carry is mine, the machine is mine, the owner is mine, and the whole world belongs to me! Should be shared by others, not by him. He does not want you to forget the truths that mother taught you - you have to be generous.

If the shiba-inu on the dog show or in the picture -This is just a bait for the potential owner, then he swallows the hook, the first time he saw his puppy. A sample of dog attractiveness, fluffy fireballs, like flames, like clockwork toys - there are simply no words to describe the charm of Shiba Inu babies!

But an adult dog is not a toy. The dog Shiba Inu can be described with the words "appetizing macho". Although his body may look like a mouth-watering bun, but the mind is an incendiary macho. That part of his temperament, which can be described as "fearlessness of the spirit" makes one take the dog seriously. Puppy should be accustomed to people from an early age, closely monitor his physical and mental development. Spitfire character of the dog can not be neglected.
Most owners of these dogs put up withManifestations of unpleasant traits of character, in order to enjoy their charm. When a dog shows what the Japanese call "sobok", no one can remain indifferent! This naivety in slanted eyes, these pointed ears, this cheerfully wagging tail - perfection sits on your knees and kisses you in your ear.

Health. Shiba are distinguished by strong health, they are able to endure the hardships of domestic dogs and enjoy the comfort of a city apartment. They are unpretentious in food, they do not need any special diet, give them good quality food, and the dog is ready for a kilometer run or to play with a tennis ball in the backyard. These dogs are dexterous and jumping like cats, which helps them avoid injuries. Despite these qualities, shiba-inu has some hereditary defects, for example, knee joint displacement.

Answer # 2:

For a start: siba (shiba), even the prefix "inu" has been removed from the name.
An independent and self-sufficient dog, it's hard to train, to run around the ball like a Labrador, will not.

Answer # 3:

In Google to look religion does not allow or lazy ass ?? Http://www.zooclub.ru/dogs/porod/335.shtml

Answer # 4:

And what before did you have a dog? What happened to her? Siba is heavy in education

Answer # 5:

All-Russian site of fans of siba-inu
There are sections on the right for future owners and a message board
You go there

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