/ / Fee stupid dog or not

Dachshund dog or not

Answer # 1:

Here look

According to the rating, Taxa belongs to the following group:

Has moderate ability to train / execute commands
The development of a new team - from 25 to 40 reps
Execution of the team from the first time: in 50% of cases and above.

So Dachshund - a kind of middle peasant

Here esteem can choose a dog smarter, here everything is written - http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Topplist_intelligence_dog

Answer # 2:

From the owner depends!

Answer # 3:

Remember there is no dumb dog, there are stupid hosts

Answer # 4:

Stupid dog - there is no such definition, and even more so it does not depend on the breed.

Answer # 5:

My most intelligent!

Answer No. 6:

Very aggressive. . Because it's a hunting dog. So it will attack other dogs. . Constantly bark (

Answer No. 7:

How to educate! What kind of owner is such a dog!

Answer No. 8:

All dogs are smart

Answer No. 9:

Dachshund is very clever dog. It happens vengeful.

Answer No. 10:

Dogs are all smart there are problems with the hosts with their brains !!!!

Answer No. 11:

There are no stupid dogs, but there are plenty of hosts.

Answer No. 12:

Clever. When I was a puppy, when I was a puppy, I tore off the shoe and hid it in a bag with things so that they would not be found or punished.

Answer # 13:

Yes normal.

Answer # 14:

In dogs, intelligence as a 3-year-old child (according to scientists). Do you have children ?? ? They are 3 years old. VERY clever)))
In general, from personal experience, dogs are smarter than manyAdult bipeds;) And the mind of the dog can manifest itself in the fact that if she does something she does not want, then she pretends to be a fool ... I have a poodle, but sometimes a sheep .... And when he really needs something, he understands at a glance!

Answer No. 15:

A clever owner and a dog will bring up and train them. The "mind" of a dog depends on the mind of the owner.

Answer # 16:

No, fees are just very smart dogs, only the owners sometimes come across them near.

Answer # 17:

There are no stupid dogs, but there are stupid mistresses. Dachshunds are very smslenye, but at the same time and stubborn ... it will not stupidly perform all the teams and from all will try to extract their benefits)

Answer # 18:

Dachshund is extremely intelligent. And if you feel weak in your character, she will educate you. I, for example, did not manage. My destiny, apparently, is a decor, and not a serious hunting dog.

Answer No. 19:

The dachshund of the hunting breed with all the consequences, and those who take it as a companion or a decorator, can not naturally cope with its hunting beginning, hence the conclusions about dullness (rather of owners)

Answer # 20:

Stupid dogs do not exist, there are stupid hosts

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