/ / Dogs are the best enemy of man?

Dogs are the best enemy of man?

Answer # 1:

And you pogugli. How many human lives were saved by the same dogs. So do not be so unequivocal. And your phobia should be treated.

Answer # 2:

Dogs are like people, different. They are such as they once were thrown out by a person.

Answer # 3:

How scary to live

Answer # 4:

Count it. And every year tens of thousands of people die in an accident. Motorists, evil creatures killing people and poisoning the air with exhaust! Let's kill the motorists!

Answer # 5:

Are you some kind of unbalanced

Answer No. 6:

How did you zadolbal ....

Answer No. 7:

Kill all the drug traffickers and cover them upCops, kill the entire command of the governor and the city's mzra, who do not repair the roads. Perebey all manufacturers and sellers of alcohol, you can continue to continue ....

Answer No. 8:

I'm a man, trained by dogs ...

Answer No. 9:

You are a catfish and a dog is a friend of a person there are no wrong dogs there are only not responsible people

Answer No. 10:

Start piz ... th people! This is the most effective measure! Dogs do not crumble to start from dampness! Tramps are people's fault! Samovygul. Brooch. Knitting for health ...
These are heartbreaking chp in private sectors ...Attacked, bitten ... so this is the inhabitants themselves are to blame. That's shot, peretravit this flock .. and in a month the residents will start to drag new dogs and cats ... this is a vicious circle! Start jamming people! Because as one blow in the ear, replaces three hours of educational conversations! And there will be no more "forgotten" in cottages dogs and cats! Running in the sector of the flock .. because as a violation of the content, the farmer will get into the pumpkin)))))

Answer No. 11:

People are the most vicious and dangerous creatures! They rob, kill, rape, scoff at themselves like .... Conclusions, do you make a brainless or tell?

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