/ / We want to buy a puppy of Shiba Inu breed (Siba Inu). What is your opinion about this breed? Does the child get along well? Does it molt strongly?

We want to buy a puppy of Shiba Inu breed (Siba Inu). What is your opinion about this breed? Does the child get along well? Does it molt strongly?

Answer # 1:

Do not forget this hunting breed. . With strongly manifested instincts. .
Love to drive birds .. cats. .
Wayward and independent, but with the right approach are well-trained
Love to run away from home and walk
Like to dig pits
Very moving and playful. .
Adore their masters and children but are distrustful of strangers
Are dominant
Are aggressive to foreign dogs. .
Molting is strong but seasonal ..

Answer # 2:

My neighbor has such a dog. Certainly insanely beautiful. But character. He does not let her off the leash. Otherwise, if anything comes to mind, he can attack. It is difficult to educate her very much. Heavy character. And the psyche is not stable in them. In general, a dangerous dog to be honest. My neighbor certainly likes her very much. But he himself understands who started. And if the children will be. Th do not like the dog I think will bite right away.

Answer # 3:

Like all husky, the dog is independent. She has no special affection for the person. If you do not provide her with a good paddock (at least 5 hours a day), she will blow up the house. Maybe aggression is manifested. With children will not get along, at best - endure. They molt all the dogs. I so have understood, you take in an apartment? Then it will melt all year round.

Answer # 4:

It depends on you. . Are willing to give the right conditions for the dog. .

Read the Internet about them:
"The individualism of Siba constitutes the main difficultyBreeding of these dogs. If the breeder from the early age does not teach the puppy to physical contact with a person, then the dog will never get used to people. She is not afraid of a man, but does not allow herself to be petted and very disapproving of the collar and the leash. Siba by nature is very vigilant and well fulfills the duties of a watchman. She is very curious, reacts to every event and strives to participate in it. It is a good companion in children's games, an indefatigable companion in tourist walks and a first-class helper on the hunt. "

Conclusions - do it yourself :)

Answer # 5:

Self-willed and independent.
You watched the movie about HATIKO? Have you penetrated?
But in vain.
Not a "sofa" dog.
She needs a space and three times for two hours ACTIVE walking (running, playing, loading)

Answer No. 6:

Sorry, but some newfangled breeds (theirAcquisition) - the principle of the "Chinese revolution" - to create problems for themselves, and then courageously overcome them ... Do not be offended - they themselves did not step on these rakes - they were going to start a city apartment, and even companions to a calm and well-bred golden cowboy (evil retriever). It's good that they did not hurry, but communicated with knowledgeable people and watched the behavior of these dogs .... Before you have dogs with such complex characters, weigh 100 ...

Answer No. 7:

Http://www.shiba-inu.spb.ru/about.html here, read!

Answer No. 8:

Not decorative.

Answer No. 9:

Siba Inu is extremely smart and very fond ofHis master. If the dog feels his guilt in front of him, then he can resort to various tricks to correct the situation. In its arsenal - the widest range of sound signals: from whining and squealing, to squeaks and grindings. Siba has a very developed facial expression: dogs of this breed are capable when they need to demonstrate a variety of different grimaces, not worse than the most experienced mime. Seeing this view, the owner, more often than not, is no longer able to get angry and keep a stern expression. Thus, the culprit avoids deserved punishment. If Siba is sure that she is right, she will accept punishment as her defeat, but not for long, after some time she will take up the mastering of her master in her own way. While raising Siba, there will be difficulties, but they should not be frightened - you need a little patience and, of course, love - this is, as always, the most faithful allies of a person.

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