/ / Found a tick in the dog. What to do?

I found a tick from the dog. What to do?

Answer # 1:

Well, if the mite even just tear off the abdomen, andThe head remains in the dog, the wound may get a little bit bitten, but for a healthy dog ​​it is not terrible, especially if the mite was not sitting on the head (on the head the sabaka can not lick the wound).
The main danger comes from the bite itself. Biting into the body for example a dog mite secretes toxins that anesthetize the place of bite and the dog does not feel pain, but this same substance can cause an allergic reaction, for example pulmonary edema, which is then deadly. Still ticks are carriers of diseases from other animals. But you do not need to fixate on the bite, the tick bite does not mean that the dog will get sick. . Even if the tick was the causative agent of an infection, this does not mean that the disease will develop. Veterinarians, if to address them can prick something to raise immunity. So the tick is like a Russian roulette, one of a thousand, but can bring a dangerous disease.

Answer # 2:

To kill him .... Mite.

Answer # 3:

Take tweezers and pull out, and then burn)

Answer # 4:

Process kerosene, must come out yourself. Do not drag just like that, maybe part of you stay there. If it does not crawl out or after the kerosene will not be pulled out completely to the veterinarian poleback

Answer # 5:

Try to pull it out carefully with the head.

Answer No. 6:

Eat it)

Answer No. 7:

Take the cotton wool, ammonia. Wet the cotton wool, squeeze the tick and rotate the parasite, rotate the wound. If you are afraid, then to the vet

Answer No. 8:

Put to sleep! )))

Answer No. 9:

Take cotton wool soaked with sunflower or olive oil and wrap the body of the tick. He has a sparrow on his body and will get out of suffocation. Further it is necessary to process a wound and to enter a preparation "Berenil".

Answer No. 10:

To the as yet untreated pyroplasmosis

Answer No. 11:

Lubricate the mite's ass and place around it with vegetable oil, must come out yourself. Once the mite comes out, the wound should be disinfected with peroxide or vodka.

Answer No. 12:

Take the cotton wool soaked with sunflower oil, attach to the mite. Keep. Then remove. The tick will come out by itself. If you are tweezers, some of the tick's head may remain in the skin.
When he gets out himself (he has nothing to breathe). Take it to the vet to check if it was infected. If the infected dog is given a vaccine

Answer # 13:

Take the dog to the vet, take the blood for analysis.
A friend of mine, a 11-year-old dog, recently died of multiple tick bites-pyroplasmosis.
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Answer # 14:

I would know, and I did not ask, right now from the tick there can be so many problems, urgently to the wind

Answer No. 15:

Spread the mite with a thick layer of Vaseline, throughHalf an hour, take tweezers and, shaking from side to side pull out. Treat the bite site with a green or iodine. If the dog has become limp, and stopped drinking then run to the veterinarian urgently and give blood to pyroplasmosis.

Answer # 16:

Drip into place where the mite is a vegetable oil, wait until it comes out, and pull it out with tweezers, well, and kill !!!!

Answer # 17:

Go to the wind, and on the future - buy chenit from ticks.

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