/ How many teeth does a dog have?

How many teeth does a dog have?

Answer # 1:

An adult dog should have as many as 42 teeth, no matter what breed it is: toy-terrier, york, chihuahua or rottweiler. Teeth are divided into several groups.

The first group includes fangs. There are four in total and they are located two on the left and on the right, respectively. These are very important teeth for the dog, as they are used for grinding hard food, and also used in the attack.
The second group is incisors, which in animals 12Pieces. 6 incisors are on the upper jaw, and the remaining 6 are on the lower jaw. They even have their own names: the middle incisors are hooks, the next pair is the middle incisors, and the last is the margins.
The third group includes the so-calledMolars, which are counted as many as 26. On the upper jaw there are 12 teeth on 6 on each side, and on the bottom - 14 on 7 on each side, respectively.
It should be noted that in dogs, as in humans,There are temporary or, as we are accustomed to call, milk teeth that appear, barely a puppy is born. However, the temporary teeth of the dog are far from all, among them there are a mass of so-called truly indigenous, which begin to grow when the puppy turns several weeks old. Http://skolkoru.ru/skolko-zubov-u-sobaki/

Answer # 2:

42 teeth

Answer # 3:

Forty-two teeth. In puppies.

Answer # 4:

42 teeth

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