/ / The dog was bitten by a tick. I tried to pull out my ass and my head remained smaller than it threatens the dog. Dog vyo

The dog was bitten by a tick. I tried to pull out my ass and my head remained smaller than it threatens the dog. Dog vyo

Answer # 1:

Well, you and the livestock, you had to pull out the tick, and not to tear the dog off. Now sew until it's too late.

Answer # 2:

Nothing wrong. The head without the back is not dangerous. Over time, the head will be squeezed out of the skin.

Answer # 3:

Lubricate the bite site with iodine. And to the wind. To the doctor !!!

Answer # 4:

I think there is no cause for concern, I have a dogThree times biting mite, and pulling not always safely (did not allow to pull), the head and remained in the skin, nothing happened to it ran healthy and fun until it got under the car ...

Answer # 5:

Next time before pulling the miteDrop the oil on it. I do not know how the dogs, and in my childhood after such a place began to fester, the grandmother's ointment Vishnevsky or ichthyol ointment applied, the ointment was stretching, along with the paws.

Answer No. 6:

I think nothing will happen, my dog ​​had a tick for a day on the forehead poured with oil, could not pull it out, as soon as it was not torn out, it succumbed in a day, if you go to a doctor

Answer No. 7:

This can lead to the development of inflammation. Doctors have special equipment to pull out. The place of bite should be disinfected with iodine or zelenok.

Answer No. 8:

Alina Kovaleva advised correctly, and I will advise you to take an analysis for pyroplasmosis, just in case.

Answer No. 9:

You need to drip on the mite with alcohol, sprinkleCologne, so that you have at hand and just do not like the tick. Wait a couple of minutes, then unscrew it counter-clockwise, like a screw, keep the tweezers closer to the head of the mite, never squeeze it, do not touch the mite with your hands, wear gloves. Then it must be burned or placed in a jar of alcohol, do not throw it into the sewer, very tenacious, it will come out. As for the head left under the skin, it is likely nothing to worry about, it rarely inflames, grease anoint with grease, a cone is formed at this place, which will take a long time, up to three months, but in the end there will be no trace. The only way to avoid this in the future, the treatment with drops every three weeks and after each walk to inspect and comb out with a puffeter with frequent teeth.

Answer No. 10:

The head of the tick is podded and pulled out with tweezers, disinfect the place of bite with alcohol or greens.
Local reaction (swelling, small edema at the site of the bite) may occur, but it's not scary.
And carefully observe the behavior of the dog. The tick could be a carrier of babesia-pathogens of pyroplasmosis. This is a very dangerous disease for dogs, develops rapidly, without treatment, a lethal outcome of almost 100%. The incubation period averages 4 to 10 days on average. If the dog becomes sluggish, refuses to eat, urgently contact the veterinarian without waiting for more serious symptoms, such as reddish-brown urine, weakness of the hind limbs, icteric eye sclera. The spring outbreak of pyroplasmosis, although it began to decline, has not yet ended. This year, many cases of dogs with pyroplasmosis.

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