/ / Do dogs really do not distinguish colors or is it a myth?

Do dogs really do not distinguish colors or is it a myth?

Answer # 1:

The sight of a dog is similar to a person's vision,Suffering from color blindness. The dog perfectly perceives colors, objects, the surrounding world, people for it are colored, however some colors the dog confuses and can not distinguish between themselves. So what colors does the dog distinguish?

In dogs, cones that are sensitive to red andOrange color, are absent. There are only two types of cones that perceive light with medium and short wavelengths, which corresponds to the yellow-green and blue-violet ranges of the spectrum. Moreover, the very type of cones in a dog differ in structure from human. Dogs often confuse green and red colors, as well as orange and yellow.

Unlike humans, the dog better distinguishes shades of gray.

In the retina of the dog's eye, there are more chopsticks thanMan, and the wands themselves are more sensitive, this is exactly what helps dogs to see at night much better than us. As for myopia and farsightedness, dogs are seen as an average person who does not suffer from myopia or hyperopia, except that the farsightedness of dogs is slightly more developed and then so insignificant that this does not play a special role.

The focus of the dog's eye is also different fromOur. We can focus on the subject, which is almost in our nose, but the dog will see the object at such a distance is vague, but it will well focus the vision on the object, which will be at a distance of 40-50 cm.

Answer # 2:

If she throws a kalbas she will see everything

Answer # 3:

A dog, especially a huge one, has to shit a color. She asses any ass that is white, that is black.

Answer # 4:

They distinguish colors but not as we are and it is known that cats do not distinguish between green

Answer # 5:

They distinguish colors

Answer No. 6:

And you ask the dog

Answer No. 7:

This dog myth distinguish colors but worse than humans

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